Cna to lpn

  1. okay so this may be the wrong thread to post this question, but i'm going to go ahead and post anyways. i recently got my cna certificate, and am looking to start on my lpn. now i live in tulsa, oklahoma, and i don't really have much knowledge of getting to where i want in the medical field. so does anyone know of any good lpn programs in tulsa, ok?
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  3. by   Dorali
    I think TCC has an LPN program and maybe Tulsa Tech. I'd check their websites to be sure or you can call.

    I called Career Point about 2 months ago and asked if they had one. They said not yet but were in the process of getting one together. Just FYI.

  4. by   da72ma
    Well I tried to include a couple of Oklahoma nursing programs into Wikipedia. I will see whether I will have the time to post another Oklahoma nursing link. However, there is no real need for a post as the State of Oklahoma seems to be very nursing friendly and even has its own webpage with all the info right here:
    As far as Tulsa goes you have two possibilities known to me: either the Tulsa Technology Center or Platt College for your LPN. Platt College is more expensive than Tulsa Tech and if Tulsa Tech is like Great Plains Tech they will also go by a point system. On the webpage you will find all required information so give them a call. Please check out your opportunities throughout Oklahoma as you will find that CNAs' are required everywhere and you can pick up nursing school wherever. Don't disregard the 2-year RN programs either. I know that the state itself had a scholarship in the past. Another possibility would be working for a hospital as a CNA and they will pick up the books for their employees while other funding is available through a lot of grants. I have seen and heard of single moms working part time and getting themselves through college. Any more questions?

  5. by   picurn10
    Unless it's different here in OKC, please don't go with Platt. They are not accredited by the state board of nursing, and will charge you and arm and a leg and not prepare you to pass boards. Then because they aren't accredited the only RN program you'll be able to go to will be Platt, same for BSN. I've met quite a few Platt students in my clinical rotations and they all have terrible things to say about it, and without exception say they wouldn't go with Platt again.
    I think being a CNA gives you a huge advantage in LPN school though. I'm one of just two people in my whole class that was not a CNA before starting and on basic pt. care I feel like such a incompetent person some times. I think it would have really helped me out in clinicals if I'd had that background. I have really good grades and am fine in clinicals, but I would just feel soooo much better if I'd had that extra time to get comfortable with the pts. and doing basic care.
    Good luck!
  6. by   da72ma
    I only see doubtful people on the many posts regarding nursing. The State of Oklahoma requires a vocational program as with all the other states where Platt is actually located. Once you have passed your state exam you usually can transfer your LPN certification to another state. There shouldn't be any existing accreditation problems and your purse is the only toll because it'll be some money you have to pay. I don't have any data indicating that you need to retake another state board to get your license. I agree with you that the LPN program at Platt is as expensive as a 2-year associate program leading to a RN degree at a local community college and is more expensive as other public LPN/LVN vocational programs, thus therefore not as desirable. However, Platt College is a private institution and private schools are usually more expensive. For the student comparing LPN and RN programs, who are trying to make wise financial decisions I encourage them to explore other options than Platt college. However! Without research based on empirical data I can't deliver a failure statistic of Platt College students compared to other public vocational students and therefore challenge one of you to do the research for this post.
  7. by   picurn10
    are you saying in Tulsa Platt is now accredited? You can find the stats for each schools pass rate from the BON, and platts is pretty terrible, and that doesn't even include the students who failed out before they had a chance to attempt the NCLEX. And to compare, Platt in OKC costs $20k for LPN and my tech school is $4900.
    When looking into my options I looked into Platt because I didn't know they weren't accredited or the price tag, but thankfully a friend set me straight. Truthfully, I was so set on starting nursing school that I've was vulnerable to being talked into attending there, so that is why I am sure to spread the word. Particularly because I've now met a lot of students from Platt and a couple nurses in the real world, and it's scary.
  8. by   picurn10
    oh, and for the record, I will be starting on my RN in August and none of the 2-yr RN programs around here are even $20k, try $10k. If you want Platts RN it's $40k!
  9. by   cmcordle
    In tulsa there are two LPN programs Platt college and Tulsa Tech (there is also Central Tech which is just outside of Tulsa). Tulsa Tech is much much cheaper, but they have a two year wait list. I went to Platt college which totaled close to $20,000 (Tulsa tech is closer to $5,000 I believe). Platt college is accredited as far as being able to set for your LPN or RN. I am finishing up the preregs for the LPN to RN program at OU at Tulsa Community College now. As far as getting your BSN it really does not matter where you get your LPN as long as you have the licnese from the state. Now if I would have gone to Platt for my RN that is where is gets tricky. OU really does not care where you get your RN either, but the prereg courses for their BSN program is what will get you. Platts basic and science courses will not transfer to OU because those class are not accredited. So you would have to retake those classes at a community college first. Platt's RN program is also another $20,000 +, so I decided that it wasn't in my best instrest to get my RN from platt. It was easy to get into Platt I just had to take a simple math test. So if I was only planning on getting my RN and never wanted to get a BSN or Masters degree and I was worried about my past GPA then I would have done the RN program at Platt. I really enjoyed my time at Platt and I thought I was well prepared for my LPN exam. I passed on the first try, as did most of the people in my class. Platts LPN pass rate is 98% here in Tulsa, now their RN program is alot newer and they have a pass rate of 80% or something like that.
  10. by   Ash84
    Im starting CNA classes Nov. 16th, which I'm very excited about. I'm going through OSU-OKC and I"ll be trained here in Claremore Oklahoma. It's a 14 day course and as long as I work for Soonercare accepted facilities for 12 months after I recieve my certification, I wont have to pay for these classes. But this is just a stepping stone, next is LPN. But I was wondering, after I do recieve my certification, can I start LPN courses rt away and work PT? If any one has gone through any programs like this or has any knowledge, I'd greatly appreciate sum input.