Cant decide if should start out as LPN or go RN? - page 2

Im a Medical Assistant, not certified. Im wanting to do this online. I want to be an RN Im not getting younger so would like to go the quickest route. Im very experienced now over 10 years. Do you... Read More

  1. by   LovelyOverload
    it might take more time to go from lpn to rn to bsn. If you become a lpn then you can get a year of experience then complete OU's LPN to BSN in 9 months. It really just depends on what you want. I will say that with lpn school you will get more clinical hours and will benefit from that when you start working.
  2. by   JohnnieLo
    GO GET YOUR RN! When your a LPN (usually) all you think about is going back to school for your RN
  3. by   OkieeRN
    I did OU's RN to BSN and was in class with several LPN's that were getting their BSN's as well, bypassing the traditional route of LPN to ADN to BSN. since you have to be an LPN for a year before starting OU's program idk of its a benefit or not... For RN's you do not have to have any nursing experience before starting the program and you also do not have as many clinicals. I worked full time while attending OU full time. It was nearly more than I could handle that first semester. Word to the wise: get yourself thoroughly organized if you go to OU. They will keep you disorganized enough without you helping them any! Good luck to you!