Anyone go to Rose St.?

  1. I'm currently doing my LPN, but have my prereq's done and plan to bridge straight to RN in August. I applied at Rose St. last week and she "unofficially" told me I was in, but I also plan to apply to OCCC, OSU-OKC, and possibly Redlands.
    I like the idea of Rose St. because it's small, close to where I live, I like the daycare center for ds. The only down side is that it doesn't have the strong repuation of OSU-OKC or something. I know, that's a silly reason and I'm finding in clinicals it seems to make NO DIFFERENCE where you go to school, but what you put into it. I talked to a girl this week who is there right now and loves it, but I would like to hear more first hand accounts. Anybody else go there?
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  3. by   sonjamontg
    I just graduated from Rose in December and did not really care for it. Did the career ladder program since I was an LPN. The program had a whole lot of "busy work" in it and we seemed to be teaching each other in the classes way too much. Feel that I would of been better off with the internet program instead of on campus.
  4. by   picurn10
    that's interesting. How many days a week were you in class/clinicals? So the instructors weren't very good?
  5. by   sonjamontg
    I was inclass 2 days and clinicals two days. Off on Fridays. The instructors were o.k. just had us doing a lot of busy work like skits, powerpoint presentations, concept maps, dancing to learn arrythimias, just to mention a few. To me it seemed there was a LOT of wasted time in class and I feel that I would of been better off on my own with an internet course. On one class day the class was only 2 hours long and the other was 4 hours with a break for lunch. They would put us in groups to work on projects together which made it hard since we were split up into different clinicals with diff. times. Hard to get 5-6 people together when we work, school, families, etc. I personally was not impressed with the program. We did complain about the busy type work but it just kept on coming.
  6. by   picurn10
    I know exactly what you mean, we have tons of that "busy work", waste of time stuff! The class times sound heavenly though! For the first half of our program it was 5 days a week, 8hr/day. Right now we're down to two 8hr class days and three 8hr clinicals, but that schedule sounds awesome right now!
    Do you know anyone who did the online program? I'm just nervous that it will be too independent and I'll feel unprepared with it.
  7. by   sonjamontg
    I always set next to an online student while taking test and he was telling me that he just read the assignments and there was like some postings online to participate in. You might ask for a syllabus and talk to the instuctor who does the online curriculum personally to find out what all is needed to succeed. It is my understanding that even thou you are an online student you can still attend classes with the on campus class. We all took test on the same day/time but we had different test. Hope this helps.
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  8. by   picurn10
    oh, awsome! That's great info to know about the online stuff. My friend also applied with me, so if she attends class and not online I'll probably do it for the comraderie, but otherwise I'm going to seriously consider the online option. I have a 4yr old, and I think if I just took him to daycare and studied during that time, I'd be ok. Thanks again! Let me know your ebay username so I can look at what you're selling.
  9. by   sonjamontg
    Sounds like you have a good plan with your study schedule.
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  10. by   happilymarried
    I go to Rose State Nursing School. I am in the second semester of the traditional program. My class has 10 people in it and I love it. We are a very close knit group. We have lecture 2 days a week and we do weekend clinicals. I am in the evening/weekend program. I think it would be hard to find a ns with instructors as caring as the ones I have had at Rose. They are very available, fair, and really want you to be the best you can be. I really love it there.

    I actually earned my first Associate's degree at OCCC. I applied to Rose's evening nursing school program and got my acceptance the day of my graduation from OCCC. I had no previous experience with Rose before applying there but I really like the school. They really seem to work with students much more than OCCC did imo.

    I wish you luck in whatever school you end up going to. One piece of advice I would share with you would be to check the OBN's website and look up the NCLEX scores for each school. I think that is a pretty good predictor in what you can expect out of the schools you apply to.
  11. by   picurn10
    Hey, it looks like we're going to be classmates!!! I got my letter on Tues. that I'm in the night class! So there are only 10 of you? I wonder how many of us will be added to your class?
  12. by   happilymarried
    I think they are adding another 10 to our class. We just got to pick our clinicals. The evening group is doing geri/psyc first 8 wks and ob/peds second 8 weeks. We could choose weekend or weekday evening clinicals. I chose weekday evenings. I work full time M-F 8-5 so doing weekend clinicals about killed me this semester. I didn't realize how going 7 days a week would be so hard for me.
  13. by   picurn10
    Awesome! I heard Geri/psyc is a good way to start as an LPN to RN because the OB rotation is pretty intense. I can't wait! I don't think we get to pick our clinical times until later on this summer, I'll have to go re-read my packet.
    I'm so excited, but I have so many things to get done between now and then that I'm trying not to freak out.
  14. by   happilymarried
    Yeah, I have heard that OB/peds is really pretty intense... I was hoping to get it first 8 wks so I could get the hard part over with first but it didn't work out that way. But it is all good, 2 more semesters and we are finished!! I took the HESI yesterday and have my final today, wish me luck!! Summer can't get here fast enough!