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Oklahoma City University Kramer


Hello everyone! Is anyone applying for Spring 2015 at Oklahoma City University. If so please comment. I would like to start this thread so we all can get to know each other.

Hello, I will be starting in fall of 2014. I visited a few months ago for open house and the faculty and school is really nice.

Yes! I just submitted my application for the accelerated BSN program starting Spring 2015(:

Hello everyone! I also got accepted to OCU's BSN program for Spring 2015. Currently, waiting for registrar to finish evaluating transfer credits from out of state.

Also, applying for financial aid and looking for accommodation in Oklahoma City so any ideas please let me know.

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Hello llamdot, I just learned I was accepted into the accelerated program as well yesterday! I am currently working on the financial aid part too so I will have to see what happens with that, I already a degree. I will be visiting the campus in the next week or so, I would be relocating from Texas. Have you visited the campus or talk to any students from there or professors. I am wanting to know a little bit about the program from different experiences.

Hello andy.h1985. No, I haven't visited the campus yet, or gotten in touch with students or faculty from OCU. I'm planning to e-mail my assigned counselor this coming week, on seeing if I can get in touch with students, or faculty. I think that's an option to try.

thank you Silverdragon102 for the changes made. New member here. So sorry! :)

I attended an Oklahoma SNA conference and I just want to say that I was very impressed with your instructors. Hope you enjoy it.

I just transferred to OCU for my last semester of pre-reqs. Let me know if you would like to meet up!