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Ok to start nursing career in a clinic setting?

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I'm a new nurse and have been applying to several places. My area is is fairly populated with nurses and it is a little bit harder to get a job straight out of nursing school. I really want to end up in a hospital working with either pediatrics or obstetrics in a couple years, however, I have gotten a job offer from a pediatric outpatient clinic. I've heard from many people that you should start out on a med-surg floor in the hospital and not a clinic. I'm not sure If I should take this job because I do want to start in the hospital. This is the only offer I have gotten so far and I fear if I don't accept this job I won't get another offer for a while.

Do you guys recommend waiting for a possible job offer in a hospital or just going ahead and taking the job in the clinic?

Would it be hard to get a job in a hospital with only clinic experience?

Thank you!!

I don't think it will hurt you. Having any job as a new grad is better then no job at all. You. Will.get what you need on your resume... work experience and if it is PEDs you are intressted in working in a PED clinic would be ideal if the hospital job is going to be hard for you to get. Like I say you have many years of nursing ahead of you and I am sure sooner or later you can get a hospital job if you keep adding to your resume

Personally, I would take the job. I'm still a student, but when I graduate I'm applying to several states in several different settings and will take the first/best offer that comes my way. But I'm also not in a financial position that would warrant my waiting for my dream position.

My externship preceptor started her career in an ambulatory clinic last august and received an offer for an OR position 8 months later. I think its great experience.