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Ok.. We are fixing to start our Maternity rotations and we were assigned 8 Care Plans and like 18 teaching plans to do.. I have gotten most of it done, but I am stumped on a few...

Risk for Impaired Parenting RT: inexperiance, feelings of incompetence, powerlessness, unwanted child, disappointment with child or lack of role models..

I need some Nursing Interventions for this and I am clueless for the most part... Do you have any ideas or suggestions...

I have another ;)

Stress Incontinence RT tissue trauma during delivery...

Same thing needed interventions and rationales..

ANY help is GREATLY appreciated...


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This may help a little but we talked about kegels for stress incontinence. This might work as an intervention (Educate) also I believe that there are some PT that do therapy for stress incontinence..... Good Luck

oh dear, you are gonna make me go get out my maternity care plan book aren't ya? :chuckle


okay, keep in mind that it's late......i have clinical myself in the a.m.......and i'm not turning this in for a grade. :chuckle

risk for altered parent/infant attachment related to (pick one) lack of support from significant others; multiple demands of home/family; unrealistic expectations for self/infant/partner; presence of stressors (financial, housing, employment)

desired outcomes: demonstrate appropriate bonding behaviors, identify concerns related to parenting, discuss parenting role realistically, identify available resources


- assess interaction with infant.

- document verbal and nonverbal responses and presence of positive or negative behaviors

- assess patients strengths and weaknesses, maturity level

- encourage 'rooming in' or provide physical space and privacy for contact between mother, father, and infant

- have client demonstrate learned behaviors associated with infant feeding and care

- initiate follow-up phone call or home visit at 1 week

- refer to community support groups

-refer to counseling

- encourage discussion by patient about any questions or concerns

- encourage client to hold, touch, and examine infant depending on condition of client and newborn

- allow parents to verbalize negative feelings about themselves and the infant

- encourage assistance with breastfeeding, dependent on patient's choices and beliefs

- provide parents with a contact phone number. encourage them to call to ask questions, discuss concerns or seek assistance

hope this helps. :)

okay, so that may not be quite what you're looking for but it's all i can come up with

as for the stress incontinence.......i can't find much in my mat. careplan book but i know it's in carpenito (which of course is tucked safely amongst the other ton of books that i don't use)

email or pm me and i'll see what i can find tomorrow


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Thanks Rena... This is exactly what I need... I appreciate you going to so much trouble to do that... It does mean alot...


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Originally posted by nurs2b

Ok.. We are fixing to start ...


:roll I KNEW you had to be from my neck of the woods... :)

Howdy from Oklahoma!


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Originally posted by researchrabbit

:roll I KNEW you had to be from my neck of the woods... :)

Howdy from Oklahoma!

Hey :)


Well technically I am from Mississippi.. But I have lived in Arkansas for almost 3yrs now.. :) But Howdy anyways ;)hehe


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Originally posted by nurs2b

Ok.. We are fixing to start ...

That there's Georgia talk, too!

Hey y'all!

:) you are very welcome nurs2b :)

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Anyone else here not like the fact that different teachers grade careplans differently?

I have the worst time, because I'm always trying to second guess the instructors. Like last quarter, I passed my required careplans right away. This quarter, it's taking me longer. I mean I could do the same careplan and some teachers would accept it and others wouldn't.

It also seems they don't all go by "Carpenito" or whatever biblical standard they have. Like one instructor had us not use Knowledge Deficit, but rather write it like 'Anxiety r/t Knowledge Deficit." This quarter, I do "Anxiety r/t Knowledge Deficit," and the careplan is unacceptable because I didn't just straight out "Knowledge Deficit." The inconsistency makes my blood boil.

I think there should be a committee of four to six people that grade everyone's careplans in the whole program. They would be masters at nursing process and diagnosis and consistency I believe would be achieved. Oh well, I shouldn't buck the system and just do my part to graduate eh? ;-)


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