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ok not to be interested in hospital or LTC nursing?

I've been kicking around the idea of going to nursing school (TWU fast track for RN) for some time now & I'm hoping for some feedback. What interests me about nursing degree is its flexibility and it would enable me to get involved in health education--perhaps in lactation, mother-child, prenatal, community, diabetes, cancer prevention, etc. I have a masters in social work & I went into social work because I was told "oh yeah, you can do a lot with that degree", but all the jobs after I got out was with CPS, etc. I worked for 2 years as a quit smoking counselor for a nonprofit & enjoyed it. However, most jobs like that appear to require a nursing degree. I am not interested in doing hospital or LTC facility nursing, although I'm aware that is where most of the jobs are. Is that bad (as I should not get a nursing degree) or just knowing who I am? :uhoh21:

I don't think that's bad. I think you should be prepared for the possibility of having to work in a hospital temporarily or to get some experience, but I don't see a problem with being more interested in education/community health.

There are fields in nursing that I have no interest in as well, but it *is* a flexible degree.


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I actually want to get my RN and then get my Master's in Social Work. So I can do teen education or correctional (teen) services when I grow up.:lol2:

So yeah I say its ok. Everyone has to find their own niche (sp) and then go from there.

It's okay. I'm not interested in hospital floor nursing for a career

either however most grad programs require some hospital based experience and I'm fine with putting in the requisite time while I earn my degree.

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