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Hello all,

After my last post I wanted to update that I just took the NCLEX this morning with 75 questions and a shut off. I felt relaxed, prepared and able to think each question through. There were a few questions I did not know however.

I know no one can predict how I did, but I thought I would get a little support since I feel waiting for the results are just as bad if not WORSE than taking the blasted exam =)

Oh well,

Here's to hoping!


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Sounds like you did just fine, Jacel ! So here's some support in the form of a cyberhug !!! ;) Now relax.. ( I know.. easier, MUCH easier said than done)... but DO try. Hope you won't have to wait to long. Go do something FUN now !

wow, you live in cinci so i'm guessing you took the test at pearson right off of reed hartman. you posted at 10:30 and i know the testing center starts at 8:30. WOW....and you're back to posting already. :chuckle after i walked out of there, i felt like i was going to hurl for hours. :chuckle

i'm glad you feel good about the test. good luck to you and let us know saturday morning the results. i'm assuming of course that you are calling the quick results hotline number. ;)

Thank you Jnette for the reply...I took your advice and went out to lunch with my hubby and ate some cheese fries! Hey I know it's comfort food but boy did it comfort me =)

And Rena yep, Pearson center off Reed hartman! I actually live in Northern Kentucky so I had to drive for a bit to get there. I left my house at 7:15 and got there at 7:45 waiting outside the door until a little after 8:10. They got me in #1! I only took about 1 hour and 1/2 to do 75 questions. Not exactly sure how that figures but again, felt I took good time to think through each of my questions. Appreciate the reply

Well I will definitely post on Saturday (talking myself into thinking I passed ) and will let you know the good news!


jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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You're welcome, Jacel !

Glad you have a quick reply hotline to call... lucky you. I had to wait TEN days !!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH !!!:p

Mine was at Prometric and it was a two hour drive to get there... I sweated all the way up, all the way home, and for ten days straight !!!

I believe you did just fine, though. Can't wait to hear back ! :)


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Just wanted 2 let U know that I'll B praying 4 U. In the mean time, just try 2 enjoy yourself and patiently wait (yeah right). Anyways.... keep us posted and take care.


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Good luck jacel; I will have to endure the same thing on Oct. 16th. for the 2nd time. Praying 4 U.


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Oh the good old days when boards were two days of written testing with 5 different subject areas. And the real ancient days when after the written you had to demonstrate the technical skills of nursing for an evaluator who coould fail you on the spot for a break in technique or prodeure.

For those who passed welcome to the profession, good luck to those still to take the exam.

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