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I am registered to start Fall of 2012. Signed up for all my classes, expecting my Dars to come any day (registered in Feb!), told it would be the end of July. First, we get hit with a tuition hike... Read More

  1. by   cincinursemary
    Quote from bushrn75
    I feel the exact same way! I'm stunned about the whole APA thing-I'm totally discouraged now.
    Don't be discouraged....check out, .... it has helped me alot. I'm on my 3rd NSG course, and I've gotten all A's so far. It is alot of work. I rememember how overwhelmed I was at first. Just take it one day at a time, and go through the reading assignments one at a time. Pretty soon you will feel more confident.
  2. by   skblue
    Thank you , beautifulyyou. I take one every 5 weeks .I feel overwhelmed on the first day. Second day, I feel much more confident after reading the book.
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    Are you doubling up on classes or taking one at a time? I work full time, have three kids, and a husband. I am curious as to how I will manage my time. Guess I will do it...Always have.
  3. by   SmoothOperatorRN
    I have some books I'd be willing to sell for a reasonable price. Just email me at or PM me on this board. Thanks and good luck!