Spring 2013 Graduation

  1. For all those planning to graduate from OU during the Spring semester, the time to file is limited to between 1 Feb and 18 Feb. This would be a shorter period than in the past and the message on the site puts the blame on computing system problems.

    So don't be like me and miss the window to file - I finished in the second Fall term last year but filing closed in early October, and I missed the deadline. Filing was supposed to open with the start of the new semester but the computer problems appear to be limiting the period to just over two weeks.

    You've been warned.
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  3. by   ynursed
    Thanks for the information!!!
  4. by   SoundRN7
    Thanks for the info.
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  6. by   EmJeanRN
    Yes...thanks for the warning!!! I am still in vacation mode.
  7. by   chuckster
    Bump - since the system was supposed to be opened today, 1 Feb to an application for graduation.

    When I checked this morning, it was not yet open however. With the window to file just over 2 weeks (closes 18 Feb), even a few days delay can have a significant impact.

    I have a message in to OU about it and will post the response when received.
  8. by   chuckster

    Graduation Application The graduation application for Spring Semester 2012-13 is available in the My OHIO Student Center. The deadline to apply for graduation is Monday, February 18, 2013, for all degrees.
  9. by   ynursed
    Going to apply right now!!! Thanks!!!!