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Did anyone get the invite for this? Are you joining?... Read More

  1. by   iwantmore
    Quote from bushrn75
    You too ohio! I'm doing it, I've busted my butt and want recognition!
    Thanks! I pm'd you too.
  2. by   chuckster
    ΦΚΦ is a legitimate organization and it's an honor to be invited to join.

    That said, it's far from an exclusive organization and seems unlikely to of much assistance in lining up a job. To paraphrase Groucho: You wouldn't want to be a member of any club that stooped to asking you to join.

    (Full disclosure: I belong to ΦΚΦ)
  3. by   Simply Complicated
    It can also help with scholarships and things correct? I'm not really concerned with employment in regards to it, I have great experience and don't tend to have any problems (when I've needed to look).
  4. by   LadyFree28
    I believe they have a scholarship program. It may also be dependent on the chapter as well. I say check you local chapter and their website.
  5. by   XxCalebsMoMxX
    I also got an invite and I am going to do it. My mom even wants to make a girl's weekend out of attending the little ceremony that they have, seeing as how the University is a little more than 4 hours away from my house! =) I may have to pay to join, but I earned that right and recognition, so cheers to all that got the invite and are excited and proud!