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  1. by   linda93
    Quote from Inimica18
    I know I thought the same thing as well. It sounds like it might be tougher than expected. I am taking the class with prof. F right now and it is not as bad as I thought...thus far lol
    hmmm. prof p is my only option for the summer, so I guess it is what it is. I have 5 classes left and I JUST WANT TO FINISH.
  2. by   deltaroxxy2
    See for me, this class was the most interesting class I've taken at OU. The work seemed effortless b/c I enjoyed the topics. And my TA was great. She wasn't the most timely grader, but once you got your papers back, you knew why. She "actually" read what you wrote, responded w/a lot of insight, and provided excellent feedback. I also liked the class b/c the topics "for me" were daily life, and career relevant. Our TA even wrote of personalized notes at the end of the class and said if we needed to use her as a resource/reference for future endeavors, she would gladly help us.

    But I can relate to absolutely HATING a class, and wonder WTH were people praising it for. So it's definitely an individual thing.
  3. by   boyfactory
    It is official, Prof P's class...or just my making this class less than enjoyable. I find the topics difficult to write about. The grades from my memos are not posted until Friday or even Saturday of the following week. The quizzes are only worth 5 points each. Hopefully, that is enough to keep my grade in the A range...but I doubt it. If only this were a 5 week class instead of a 10 week class because I am ready for it to be done!
  4. by   zookeeper5
    Im right there with you. The thought of another 5 weeks of this makes me ill.
  5. by   Simply Complicated
    Quote from linda93
    do you all have prof p? I am taking this class in the summer with prof p. I thought "she?" was easier than prof f.
    The only one I see says it's with Prof. F for summer?
  6. by   Inimica18
    So I have to revise my initial statement about prof F class! It is very doable and he is a very easy grader. DB do not require citations and even when I made mistakes on it I did not loose points but was just reminded of what do do right. Two of the three big assignments that spanned over two til four weeks I started and finished in one day ( yeah BS all the way) and received 100% on them. With week 6/10 done I have a 98% and I was dreading this class sooooo much. The weekly reading responses to the provided articles are free game and one can work ahead. Also 58 quizzes with 25 questions each on grammar and sentence structure can be turned in for 10% extra credit at the end of week ten. Each of the three assignments is worth that much, so if two are done half-assed those points can be regained. The quizzes can be taken as much as possible and correct answers are given after the first time. One has to complete them all and get at least 80% to receive the 10% extra credit! Another plus, one receives grades very fast. One of my projects was graded within four hours once!! I would recommend this class. Of course I cannot compare to Prof P but it seemed as if she was a touch grader.
  7. by   Simply Complicated
    I really want to double up and take this class over the summer with my Arts class. But I'm afraid of overdoing it, since classes end the day after my C-section. The Arts class I emailed the instructor, and they said I can make sure to be complete by the beginning of the last week. How hard do you think it would be? Too much, or doable?
  8. by   boyfactory
    My TA is a very hard grader. Not sure if this TA is going to be around for the summer or not. I think either Prof would be a doable class to double up with, less this TA.
  9. by   rocket2010
    ugh my TA is MISERABLE!! i dislike dislike dislike this class A LOT... such a pain in my A**
  10. by   NBanasz1
    Im holding out for a 6 week version
  11. by   zookeeper5
    My TA is a hard grader too. Only 3 weeks left
  12. by   NBanasz1
    Those of you who have taken or are taking this class, how many hours a week do you spend on class work? I know how many hours per week I spend on a 5 week course, just wondering if it is the same material stretched out (and less intense) or just more work.
  13. by   rocket2010
    i dont spend long, maybe 5 hours a week? idk, this class is not intense. just boring for me. the assignments are not difficult the only resource you need is your book