Beginning in January 2016... Who's with me?

  1. Reaching out to all the January 2016 starters. Would love some input and words of advice from those who are in the program or have completed the program...
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  3. by   ABDMommy
    I'm hoping to start in January! I applied right before the deadline! How long did it take for them to send you your acceptance?
  4. by   OSUFan1
    IM with ya...just got registered yesterday....Good Luck
  5. by   PersistentNS
    I applied on 10/15/15 and got my acceptance on 11/12/15. I just received my DAR report on 11/17/15 outlining the courses I need to complete my BSN.

    Good luck to everyone starting!
  6. by   ABDMommy
    Do you need to take a lot of the GE courses? I have a bachelor's already, and am hoping to just need the nursing classes!
  7. by   porterpie
    I am starting in January as well. Hope to see you all in class.
  8. by   PersistentNS
    ABD Mommy... Have you looked at your DAR report? It should tell you if you need any additional classes. I had a whole bunch of classes that transferred over so I only need statistics and a writing course in addition to the nursing classes.
  9. by   ABDMommy
    They haven't received all my transcripts yet.
  10. by   hopefulhdr
    I'm with you - officially start January 19th and I'm nervous!!
  11. by   JLC206
    Good luck! I just finished in 7 months by taking 2+ classes at a time, which was not bad and was worth finishing quickly. I also work full time. Health Assessment and Promotion was the most time consuming. The rest are pretty much the same work-wise.
  12. by   ABDMommy
    They are still waiting for one more transcript! I'm getting anxious!
  13. by   gjh268
    I am restarting on 1/11/16 with Health Assessment & Promotion. Have taken just just a few others before this but none since spring session. Really hate having to wait until the open of class to get reading assignments...does anyone know where to get a heads-up on the syallabus?
  14. by   HerbyRN
    Hi All,
    I started OU January 2015 and graduated December 2015. I doubled (and tripled some classes) almost every session and did just fine! My best advice is to follow the rubric to a "T".
    I found NRSE 4520, 4530, 4550, 4560, 4570 to be very easy.
    NRSE 4510 was tedious because of being the first class and getting back into the swing of things. NRSE 4600 (final class) was somewhat time consuming but overall pretty easy.
    NRSE 4540 was time consuming looking up statistics regarding one's state/county.
    NRSE 4580 was horrible. Dry boring material that made it hard for me to stay focus.
    Overall, I really enjoyed this program and did not have any problems at all.

    Arts class that was extremely easy was Music 1200
    Cross cultural class that was super easy was Pete 2000
    Literature class that was fairly easy with reading the book/ no APA requirements for postings was Phil 1300.
    Take Business Communications with Penrod... easy class, and actually useful!

    I hope this post helps others. Good luck in your upcoming semester!