XRay cert for LPN?

  1. Is there a program available anywhere in Central OH that would allow me to take just the xray certification? I am an LPN and will have my IV cert in Dec, but I work in a pain practice and I would be much more useful to my practice if I could take a more active role assisting the doctor in positioning the flouroscope in the procedure room.
    I know the MA programs now have xray education but the program I went through, naturally, didnt have this.
    Any info on this would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   charebec65
    I've never heard of this. The x-ray tech program is a two year program.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    As far as I know, rad techs are their own profession and specialty. There education completely different than nursing and requirwe extensive separate education.

    As an aside, a friend of mine went through a rad program (2 years), and then later went back to school for LPN. She was not given any extra "credit" for her rad degree, and had to do all the normal courses for her LPN.
  5. by   rhinojogger
    Interesting conversation.
    Out of high school, I got into a 2 year x-ray program. I am also a paramedic, sonographer, and an R.N. Since I have done both x-ray and nursing, I can say that it scares me to think of a nurse, either LPN or RN being allowed to take x-rays, period. There is so much to know about x-radiation to do x-rays safely. Courses in radiation physics, positioning, radiation safety, the proper use of collimation to narrow the x-ray beam, (I have seen some people have the beam wide open irradiating everything), film characteristics, darkroom chemistry and procedures, etc., just to name a few of the subjects. It is just not something to learn to do safely either for yourself or for the patients in a few week course. Remember, radiation can cause cancer, damage eyes, and cause lots of other problems. There is also quite a bit of radiation with fluoroscopy. Just my thoughts.