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I'm finishing up some pre-reqs and starting my nursing program in March. Anyone else Wright State students? NC... Read More

  1. by   vlynn08
    Thats so awesome you graduated. I look up to nurses a lot since this is something I really want to do, but it took me some time to figure that out. In the long run I'd love to get my masters and become a nurse anesthesiologist.
  2. by   LiveZen
    heh, i know a bit about taking some time to figure things out. I started at UD, had four various majors (education, psych, etc), became and EMT and fell in love with medicine as a career. Took some time to explore PA school, med school, and nursing school and ended up deciding on nursing school because of the higher amount of contact with patients and hands-on nature of the job. Took 6 years in all, but I don't regret it. Took a bit of (good-natured) flack from friends and family...but now it turns out the friends who "knew exactly what they wanted to do" are questioning their careers now that we are out of school!
  3. by   Lee 1989
    I live in Michigan, but I am considering applying to Wright State. Is anyone in their program? How are you liking it so far? Is there a good pass rate on the NCLEX? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   vlynn08
    I just hope there is no cut off limit with credit hours and financial aid!
  5. by   DIV-99
    Live Zen,

    Congratulations on graduation form Wright State! Was it hard fining a job? I now it was 2 yrs ago but any input woudl be appreciated. I am planning on trasnferring to WSU program this fall and was wondering whetehr they have good sites for clinicals. Do you get enough exposure to different fileds of Nursing to make the best possible decusion which area of Nursing you would like to work at? I am so new to the field and any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. by   LiveZen

    Wright State has an awesome program! The profs are top-notch, and the program definitely prepares you! The clinical sites are indeed varied enough to give you plenty of perspective...I had placements at (and this was a pretty typical WSU experience): an adult trauma center, a large adult psych inpatient unit, a large OB/GYN unit, a smaller hospital with an adult cardiac unit, a peds inpatient unit, a low-income elementary school, an adult MRDD facility, an upscale nursing home....learned so much even on the rotations that I didn't feel like were "my thing". Keep an open mind and you'll probably be surprised at what you learn about yourself along the way.

    You're at a great place to make connections because you are just getting started! I would highly recommend finding a job/volunteer position at an area hospital. I volunteered at one of the area hospitals and then ended up getting on staff as a PCA/Tech...that turned into my first nursing job. It makes a big difference to come out of school having ties with a hospital already (any hospital!). Because of my connections, I was offered my top choice of job after graduation, and actually secured a position months before graduation actually happened. So, it's definitely possible. Several of my classmates accepted positions in the same department as the same time I did. My friends who were in similar setups with connections also ended up with jobs offers of their top choices, while those who didn't have ties with hospitals had more of a challenge finding jobs right after graduation.

    Also keep in mind that one year of experience is kind of the golden number in nursing. So, even if you don't end up with your ideal position for your first year out of school, having a year of experience in anything will help you get your foot in the door that second year.

    I, as well as a lot of my friends, did one thing the first year out and then switched jobs after a year. Each of us had our own reasons for doing so, but mine was basically just because i was still figuring out the right specialty, even after graduation. Two years out, I've found a very niche specialty that I absolutely love...and couldn't imagine doing anything else! Best wishes for your schooling!

    If you have more detailed questions I'd be happy to answer them over PM! I'm not actually on this site a whole lot, but i get reminders in my email when i get a posting response/email so I'll try to respond in a timely manner.
  7. by   DIV-99
    Live Zen,

    Thank you for your detailed reply. These are exactly my intentions...however, it has been hard going back to school and keeping up with the credits loading I have to take in order to race with time...This will be a second career for me; hopefully, a lot more challenging, interesting and fulfilling than my desk job.

    After end of my current quarter (18 credit hours), I will try to find a volunteer position at either Bethesda N or UC. Any other recommendations you might have?

    I also just completed my STNA class and I will sit up for the state test in the end of May. However, my understanding is I will need to take some med/surg classes in order to be able to work as a PCA at a hospital. LTCF will be my last choice for a career because of the attachmenet I felt towards my residents even after 2 days of clinicals. Other personal reasons too - too many memories of my grandparents flooded my heart...

    Currently, I receive unemployment and this makes it possible for me to go to school full time without worrying about bills. That is why I would try to volunteer first, in order to still be able to devote the most time possible to my first priority - getting out of school!

    Thank you again for your advice and direction.
  8. by   soontobenurse11
    Have you heard back yet from Wright State? I too am planning on going, but have had all the pre-req's necessary to apply done for quite a while, so I am very anxious for their decision. You should have no trouble with a a 4.0 (good for you!) Mine is not quite that high, it is a 3.45 so I wouldn't think I will have any trouble, but you never know. Just wish the letter would come today! I have a bachelors degree in another area, but unfortunately it doesn't look as though that will be considered for admission. Good luck! I am sure you will have no trouble. Hoping to be in classes with you this Fall!
  9. by   DIV-99
    No, not yet. My understanding is that we will not receive anything until the very dead line...regardless whether yes or no. So, I am too anxious but try to hang in there until the very last week of this month...

    Good luck ot you too. So sorry they are not affering the Beacon this year - it woudl have been so much faster for you.
  10. by   soontobenurse11
    I emailed the department to see if they were sending out letters yet, and they said not until the end of the month.. which I already knew, I guess I was just hoping they would be faster! I actually preferd the traditional program instead of the beacon,I think it will be a lot less stressful . I work as a nursing assistant at a hospital now and I wanted to be able to continue working while in school. With how heavy the course load is with Beacon it didn't look likely that I would be able to do that as well. Well, in less than two weeks we should have our answer!