WANNA BE newbie needs some help! Please

  1. [font=fixedsys]i hate to sound so ignorant in asking......but, i have been out of highschool for 12 years, i just went through the classes and testing for my ged, i passed very easily, and now i am lost once again. i am very new to the college thing all together, so lost may not be the operative word.
    i would very much like to go to nursing school, and as i understand it, i will have to take my prerequisites(which ones..i have no clue) before being accepted into any program. but honestly that is all i know!

    i don't know if i am to take my pre classes from the college i plan to attend for college, or if it even matters how i take them, or where. am i able to get on a waiting list for nursing now, while i take my other classes?
    i have not been to the college to speak with anyone yet...... i ran into this site and thought i could get some insight before actually going to the college, so that all the information i am sure they are going to give me is not so overwhelming.
    also, i would like to get some on the job experience. i have heard that becoming a stna is a good way to do that. i called the ohio department of health, and they sent me a list of assisted living homes that offered training.....but none of them offered the classes any longer. so how do i do this?
    hey, thanks for any help you can provide=)
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  3. by   pnhopeful
    That is a great idea to get your STNA first. That is a pre-req for many nursing programs anyway.

    The programs that I know about in the Columbus area are: Columbus State-RN and LPN programs. You have to do pre-reqs before you can apply to either program. Many more for the RN. Apply to the college first and then take their compass placement tests, then work on your pre-req classes like bio, psych, etc...

    There is also Bohecker college-LPN and LPN to RN. They are very expensive and I don't think any of their credits transfer. No pre-reqs though.

    Then there is adult and community education Adult and Community Education -LPN program. I know you have to be a STNA, but I don't think their are any other requirements. They are supposed to be offering a part time program in '07.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  4. by   where_am_I
    [font=fixedsys]thank you so much! i would have never known that stna was a prerequisite....!! your information helped me a bundle, now i know what i should be doing............
  5. by   where_am_I
    I also forgot to mention....after my first posting.... I found that Southwestern Career Academy(the new building by Central Crossing HS-Holt and Bigrun south) also has the STNA course. The cost for the class is $500 plus $75 in fees.
  6. by   sassy7cassy
    I would try to get into the STNA class at Columbus State. It'll be cheaper than the $575.

    How much is Bohecker?
  7. by   LatinGirl
    I'm not familiar with the area you are living in, but here in Cleveland I didn't have to take a STNA class to get a job. Once I told the hospital that I was taking my pre-reqs for nursing they trained me to be a nursing assistant. I worked as nursing assistant the whole time I was in nursing school. Look into whether or not hospitals in your area will hire you on as an NA. Good luck!!!
  8. by   sassy7cassy
    Since she's just outside of Columbus here is pretty much the way it goes: it's next to impossible to get a job as an NA in Columbus-area hospitals if you don't have at least 6 months to a year of experience in LTC or unless you know someone within the hospital who can get you a job. It's a very frustrating process.
  9. by   Lovee_T
    Im planning on going to school FT and not working in the fall after my baby is born (with the help of FAFSA and student loans) I would like to go to Columbus State but I hear the waiting list is 2 or 3 years long? I was looking at Bohecker also but if there credits dont transfer thats not good. I also thought about maybe getting my LPN at Cols State and then getting into a LPN to RN right after. I just want to finish my degree. Does anyone have any advice or know anything? I live on the West Side of Cols also.
  10. by   sassy7cassy
    A lot of people have opted to get their LPN and then their RN. I would talk to an adviser but it sounds like a smart plan from what I've heard.
  11. by   Lovee_T
    Thanks for the info. I had a meeting with Bohecker and they are expensive but the LPN program is only 11 1/2 months and then you go right to the RN program which is 14 1/2 months which sounds good to me as far as time goes. I also checked into Hondros school here in Columbus and they have almost the same program but less expensive. Carrying so many classes at once (sometimes 5) scares me but I figure I did it in high school right? Even though thats been forever ago LOL. Plus you go M-F so it's not all dumped on you twice a week. Anyone got any info on Hondros? You go? You like it? I guess I will set up a meeting with them. And the FAFSA...goodness that thing had me crazy for a minute but Im going to finish it this week and submit it. I didn't realize I would have to clean out the little bit of money I have in savings to have a better chance at getting assistance though. Again, any info/advice I appreciate.
  12. by   CMColumbus
    I have done quite a bit of research on Columbus area schools and have decided CSCC is the best option for me. In fact, I just registered to start the summer quarter, which begins the last week of June.

    Bohecker does get you through faster, but they were very expensive. I'd end up paying 3 times the amount as I'd pay at Columbus State. I didn't like the fact that none of their courses would transfer to any other institution. Also, they are very secretive. They won't give out ANY information on the phone regarding tuition, enrollment procedures, anything. You must attend an information session which is only held on Thursday evenings. If you're not available on Thursday evenings, then you're out of luck.

    Columbus State does have a bit of a wait, but you actually don't have to wait. Here is why... You must have NURC 101 (the STNA certification class) as well as NUC 102, 2 Chemistry classes, and Math 103 before you can apply to the program. That means you have to take NURC 101 this summer, because its a pre req for NURC 102, which must be taken in the Autumn quarter in time to apply in January 2008. That's when the next applications will be accepted. So while I'm waiting to apply I'll be taking the prerequisites. Since I'm going to school full time, I'll also be taking some of the other non-nursing classes I need. In January 2008 I will apply. I'll spend Spring and Summer 2008 completing some of the non-nursing courses required for my major. For Jan 2008 applicants, nursing classes will start Autumn 2008 or Spring 2009. It depends on how many apply and where you are in that list. So while you're waiting for the nursing part to begin you can have all of the other classes out of the way. When your nursing classes begin you can concentrate solely on those classes and clinics. So even though you can't start the nursing program right now, there are plenty of classes to keep you busy from now until then.

    Registration for summer is open but in order to register for the NURC 101 class you must have a physical and a 2 step TB test done first at your doctor's office. If you're considering doing this, you have to do it now as the classes will fill fast (per what my advisor told me) since this is the last quarter you can start your NURC classes and be done in time to apply to the nursing program in January 2008. If you miss it now you have to wait until 2009 to apply.

    If anyone wants more info, you can send me a PM. I did a lot of research and spoke to quite a few people about the program. I am in no way affiliated with CSCC, I just wanted to share what I've learned about getting in. Also, once you complete the first NURC class and pass the exam you are a STNA. You can be working as an STNA while going to school. After 6 months to a year you could start working in a hospital.

    Something else I found out. The LPN program takes almost as long as the RN Associates track. So I figured I may as well just go for the RN track. (If you want to do it online you must have a previous bachelors degree in any field.) One staff member I talked to said its a very new online program and many people are dropping it to take the hands on classes. People tend to do better sitting in the classroom she said.

    One last thing. If you plan to go to CSCC, and you want to take your STNA somewhere else, you can transfer the credit but you have to pay a $50 fee.
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  13. by   Emmjay
    I would check in your area to see if there are any associate RN degree programs at a community college, and then I would go there and speak with the advisor in the department who can give you info on all the prereqs you need, or if there is a certain orientation you must go to to get all that info.
    You may be overwhelmed by all you need to take......but semester by semester you'll get there.
    You could do the LPN to RN thing....but I would try and just go for the RN.....hopefully you can start taking general classes this summer and be on your way!
  14. by   sassy7cassy
    CMColumbus, I respect your opinion but the "you don't actually have to wait" thing is flat-out false for many of us. There are a lot of people on these boards (and in real life) who have had to apply a couple or a few times to get in because of space limits. While it is true you have prereqs to do, you cannot apply til you have them done (which I am not complaining about, it makes sense). Also, you can take the non-nursing classes in the curriculum while you wait but that does not take any of your wait away. You're still going to have awhile to go. They've closed this summer's application period and will make it available only to those who have been trying to get into the program in the past. I'm between a rock and a hard place because it's the best option for me, also, however. I will be applying to the online program this fall and hopefully entering in fall of '08.

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