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Hello everyone! I live in Southeastern Michigan and I'm considering the direct-entry MSN program at the University of Toledo. (My bachelor's degree is in accounting.) I am currently working on... Read More

  1. by   LBIHN
    500V (62%) 730Q (78%) Essay=4 (41%)
  2. by   creativetype2007
    that's right, you're an engineer. lol I knew I shouldn't have studied music!! Just kidding. I love that degree. But I need to brush up on the math!
  3. by   777RN
    Hi again!

    Thanks for those stats. Would you mind my asking what your GPA was? Thanks!
  4. by   LBIHN
    Hi, I had a 4.0 GPA. I really wanted the P.A. program, but this is the next best thing. I did not get into that program so it must have been uber-competitive.
  5. by   creativetype2007
    That is amazing you didn't get into PA. I also thought PA. But in the long run, I think NP is better if you go down that road. You'll have more automity and when all this health care stuff goes into effect, it's the NPs being talked about getting more involved, not PAs as they must be more supervised. I could be wrong.
  6. by   LBIHN
    I think you are correct about NP vs PA. My cousin is in the ER at Cleveland Clinic and while he works every day with several PA's he personally prefers NP's because of their practical training and the fact that they don't hesitate to do the job. As for getting into the PA, my earlier post said that there were over 500 applicants for 35 seats at UT. So I would have probably needed to be in the top 93-94 %-ile. My GRE scores were more in the 60-70%-ile, so I was not suprised. Given my age also, I think there is some discrimination in PA and MD that the old guys won't be able to hang with the young ones.
  7. by   creativetype2007
    Did you apply to other PA programs?
  8. by   LBIHN
    I considered Cuyahoga CC's program, but they needed 120 hours of shadowing a PA, which I would not have had time to arrange and do before their deadline this year. Plus I wanted to go locally if I am going to spend $60K on the program. The nursing was a safer route financially.
  9. by   rrkeni
    Quote from LBIHN
    Got in! The word came by e-mail.
    So of all of us on this board, only one person got it? is that what it means? so if one didnot get a mail yesterday it means they didnot get in?
  10. by   meghan_1215
    I still haven't received anything...anyone else get acceptance or denial letters in the mail?
  11. by   rrkeni
    I called the school and was told that now till the 15th of may is when they send out letters eithr by e-mail of by post. So if you've not received anything yet, it doesn't mean you didnot get in. We have to wait till the 15th.
  12. by   LBIHN
    My reply was due by May 10, so I would say that whoever declines their spot opens up a seat for the next on the list which is why May 15 would make sense.

    I am unable to attend now so there is at least one spot that will open up for someone.
  13. by   creativetype2007
    I am sorry to hear you cannot go. Is all okay?