University Hospital Cincinnati- ICU positions

  1. I just relocated here and I am trying to get a job at University Hospital in one of the ICUs. I applied and it seems to be taking a while to get back to me. Does anyone know any nurse recruiters there? Any suggestions?
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  3. by   goodgrief
    I just remembered when looking through my old emails, they currently have a hiring freeze at University of Cincinnati Hospital for new grads until around July 2009, they did tell me that they can make exceptions, however.
  4. by   perkizme
    Yeah- new grad hiring is kind of tight right now with the cost of training/orienting a new grad into ICU. HOWEVER, it is not impossible as my manager is still interviewing new grads to fill her last few positions (even though she prefers some with experience). I just referred a new grad to her and she said she would interveiw him which is coming up next week. I had a friend apply to 2 different units online, only to get 2 different phone calls saying they werent hiring new grads and to possibly try back in March. He was just called this week for an interview... so you never know! Good luck~
  5. by   bearcatnurse2005
    Thank you both for your comments! I actually was called in for an interview and got the job. I'm so excited. Thanks and good luck to you!
  6. by   perkizme
    Where/what unit? Are you in at UC? Congratz