Tri-C Fall 2011 - Pnur 2011 Fall Box?

  1. Hi all

    I'm ordering my books online for the Fall semester. When I enter in all of my course information for my book-list to come up, something shows up called "Pnuf Fall 2011 Box." I have no idea what this is, and it cost $666. I just got off the phone with the bookstore and they gave me no help at all. I gave them the ISBN # and the name, and still no help...worst customer service I've ever had. I was wondering if anybody else came across this problem and if they could tell me what they know about it. Here's the link and ISBN #:

    Link -

    ISBN - 9781455722341

    Any help would be appreciated greatly...
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  3. by   AssociateDegree
    It isn't very likely that anyone on this site will be able to help you quickly. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Go to the Tri-C Groups site for the PN program and post your question on the message board. 2. Call 216-987-3330 and at the voice prompt, ask for either the PN course coordinator or other PN faculty. You will be put through to their voicemail and can leave a message. 3. Call the Nursing Office and ask this question. Be aware that they are crazy busy getting ready for the semester and it is unlikely they'll get back to you right away. HTH
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    "* Titles that are designated as "Package Component" are components of a required package used for your course. If you would like to purchase the entire package, please select it. If however, you plan on using only pieces of the package, some or all may be available individually. If you purchase only package components, you may save money if used copies are available. Be careful you don't buy both"

    My guess would be that what you are asking about is a package of the required books. It's hard to imagine the nursing dept requiring a single text book that costs $500 by itself. It's hard to make heads or tails from the bookstore website most of the time. The best place to look for what textbooks will be required is the course syllabus that should be available on the Practical Nursing group site under files if it is anything like the RN program group site.