1. I am finishing my bachelor's in public health in May, and plan to apply for the fall 18 evening/weekend cohort at tri-c. The plan, then, is to roll directly into the CSU online BSN.

    Any ideas, feedback, preparation advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   anilea
    There is a good reimbursement deal right now going on with CSU/Tri-C and their online RN to BSN program, but not sure if it will still be around in a few years. A lot of students don't want to go there because they still require clinical time for their program. I planned to do the same thing until I heard that they still have you do clinicals!
  4. by   neogirl
    Why don't you just go into an accelerated BSN program to start with. There are several in the area. Baldwin Wallace, CSU, a few others.
  5. by   OhioBPH
    Time and money. Many accelerated programs are days, and I work 830-1330 all school days. Also, Kent has ad evening co-hort, but will cost 15,000 more than my current plan.
  6. by   Wagner89
    Have you been accepted into the program yet?
  7. by   OhioBPH
    yes, I have provisional placement in the Evening East cohort for fall of '18.
  8. by   Wagner89
    I have everything completed to apply to the fall 2018 cohort, just wanting on the nursing director to send me the application. I'm nervous about the program because I've read multiple reviews about tri c, so I would like to talk to someone who is in the program or been through it already