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    I recently applied to Mt. Carmel's 2nd Degree Accelerated Program. I have had my heart set on going there for a few years now, but now I realize my GPA may not be strong enough. Does anyone have any idea of what Mt. Carmel is looking for in terms of GPA or other requirements? I am trying to decide if I should apply to another school in the event I am not admitted. Does anyone have any info about Capital's 2nd degree program? I haven't been able to find much online, so any info would be really helpful. Thanks all .
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  3. by   foreverLaur
    Both are great schools that put out great graduates. Don't rule out OSU's Grad Entry program either! I would apply to as many as possible, IMO.
  4. by   kmzowu
    buckeyepaige hello! I also applied to the 2013 cohort of SDAP. I'm pretty nervous because I really have no idea how competitive of an applicant I am. I graduated my undergrad with a 3.55 gpa but probably only have around a 3.6 gpa for my pre-reqs. I have 100+ hrs worth of volunteer experience in an ER setting. One problem is that I am missing 1.5 prereq courses - organic biochem and eastern religions (I took a western religions course so that's where the .5 comes in lol), but I have registered for both in the fall. I'm also not too sure how my interview went - I think I was a little too talkative and really just not on my "A" game. I don't have a family to worry about so that's a plus. I figure with about 90ish people either getting accepted or on the waitlist, we'd have to be in the top 50% of applicants. I know my stats have to be better than others, but the question is how many others?! They told me during the interview that they went through their entire wait list last year so I'd feel pretty confident if I were to just get on that. The wait is really killing me though! We're getting the letters next week!
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    Hi there! Thanks for responding! When I had my interview they said they would be interviewing about 120-130 people and would accept 64 and then another 20 or so would be wait-listed. I actually have 4 pre-reqs left; 2 I am taking now and 2 in the fall, so I'm not sure if that will count against me. 100+ hours of ER experience is great and I'm sure that it can only help you. I feel your pain when it comes to the wait---I applied in February and have been anxious ever since! Where are you taking your pre-reqs? I took organic/biochemistry at Columbus State and it was pretty easy (lots of extra credit points available), so I would recommend taking it there.
  6. by   kmzowu
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Wow. 120-130 people is MUCH better than what I was told. I was probably one of the first few people to be interviewed. My interviewee was **** and she said they were interviewing about 180 people! Perhaps that's just how many people they had apply and they cut down the number of interviews. I hope so anyways, because then we'd only have to be in the top 75% or so. And it's actually funny you should mention CSCC because that's where I am registered to take the organic biochem class. Thanks for the advice! The eastern religions course I am registered to take is online at Sinclair CC. It's been hard finding anyone else on this site that mentions Mt Carmel so I'm certainly glad I stumbled upon you We will certainly know the outcome soon!
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  8. by   kmzowu
    buckeyepaige - I got my letter today! I was put on the wait list! I'm currently 8th on the list too so I'm pretty sure/hopeful that I will get in! They told me that they went through their entire wait list last year so I'm pretty much on cloud nine about being 8th I hope you had similar or better luck!
  9. by   buckeyepaige
    Haha I am #10 on the wait list. I am hoping they go through at least half their waitlist this year. Guess I just have to wait and see. Do you know how they will let us know if a space opens up? Do you think it would be via e-mail or snail mail?
  10. by   kmzowu
    My guess is that they will actually call us. I had a similar experience when I was wait-listed at another school over a year ago but I declined the spot when they got to me because I couldn't fulfill the prereqs in time. I think it makes them a little nervous to not have all their spots filled and they want to know who can take the spots as soon as they become available. However, I suppose email would be almost as fast.
  11. by   jamisaurus
    If/when you guys get the good phone call would you post it on here? It would be incredibly helpful so we know where we all stand!
  12. by   kmzowu
    will do!
  13. by   buckeyepaige
    Same! If you don't mind telling, what # are you on the list? I figure when kmzowu gets her call I will know I am only 2 seats away! Good luck guys .
  14. by   jamisaurus
    i'm number 15, so by the time i hear anything, you guys will already be in! i'm assuming i'm fairly high on the wait list, since the letter said there are less than 30 people on it. fingers crossed!