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  1. Hello - My husband and I will be relocating to Toledo Ohio in a few months and I am an OB nurse going to be looking for a job. Any ideas on which hospitals are the best or even where to look and any websites to find job openings. I would love some input. Thanks, Angie
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  3. by   DR2004RN

    If you want to stay in OB, then The Toledo Hospital is probably where you would want to go. Flower Hospital is nice, as is St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. If you want to get out of OB, then University of Toledo Medical Center (formerly the Medical College of Ohio) maybe something you would want to check out. UTMC,(where I work) does not do OB/Peds. There is also St Charles, St. Annes, St Lukes and Bay Park hospitals in Toledo. Just do a Google search and type in these names and you should be able to find the websites for these hospitals. Good luck on your move, I hope you find something you like. Bye for now, Dorothy
  4. by   dramaluvr
    Thanks for the reply. It appears it is hard to get a job in OB in the Toledo area. I appreciate you letting me know of different options.
  5. by   BGgirl
    It's especially harder now to get a job in OB probably because St. Anne's, which had an OB unit just closed theirs. Those nurses probably took the open OB jobs we had.
  6. by   Future_Nurse_Natalie
    Yeah unfortunately they got screwed and now those of us wanting to get into OB are now screwed as well. I hear that everyone in OB either just barely got a job in OB or are in Psych.
  7. by   BGgirl
    That's why I'm glad I'm a part of a union hospital.
  8. by   GFocker
    St. Charles is a smaller hospital, I think that alot of the nurses from St. Annes took the vacancies, if there were any.