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My name is Charles. I am from Warren, OH in Trumbull County. In spring fall/winter 2007, I'll go for my RN.... Read More

  1. by   nursealana
    Hello all

    I"m in Vandalia, next to Dayton. Grad. in Jan. w/my RN. I have worked as a LPN for 3 yrs at a local Dayton Hospital
  2. by   nursejlh24
    from Southeast Ohio, RN for over a year was an LPN for almost 2 years work in med/surg wanting to do peds
  3. by   nursealana
    i will grad in january from rets with my rn, keep up the hard work it does get somewhat better but you get a ton of work piled on you the closer you get.
  4. by   nursey42
    Good luck everyone!
  5. by   DoniaRN
    im donia RN at a local rural hospital. i work on med surg floor and also oriented to ob, Defiance ohio area
  6. by   PurifyMe
    I'm from Cincinnati, starting LPN school at Great Oaks (Diamond Campus) April '07.:spin:
  7. by   doubleplay
    Hi, my name is Mike and I am from Bellefontaine. I start clinicals in January to be a RN.:icon_cool:
  8. by   Christie RN2006
    Hello! My name is Christie and I am from the Mansfield area. I graduated this past june with my BSN... good luck to all you nursing students! Time flies while you are in school, next thing you know, you will be a nurse
  9. by   Eirene
    i'm dani from fredericktown, ohio. presently in the adn program at marion technical college.
    6 more quarters to go! yeah!