OH license ?

  1. Hello,
    I submitted all materials for OH BON (RN-license). It has been 5 wks. Right now, my status is pending. What is that mean? Is that a good sign? When can I sit for NCLEX exam? what should I do for the next step? Will I recieve my ATT letter by mail or e-mail?

    Please help me,
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    It means that the board has received and reviewed all the application materials you have submitted. When you receive your ATT depends on when your school sends the certificate of completion to the board and how soon they process it. How Pearson Vue sends out the actual ATT's I have no direct knowledge of.
  4. by   chrisfam
    I got my ATT by email. Here is my email history of Pearson Vue:
    NCLEX Registration Acknowledgement 6/8/11
    NCLEX Authorization to Test 8/5/11
    NCLEX Exam taken on 8/19/11

    So it took 2 months after I registered to get my ATT.
  5. by   ShantheRN
    I got mine by email. I think I requested it be sent electronically. I sent everything on the day I officially graduated and it took about 3 weeks to get my ATT.
  6. by   Endless
    Thanks for your helpful sharing,

    God bless you all : )
  7. by   katb4rn
    I sent my Application to boards and paid pearson vue first week of april .......
    I graduated june 8th
    School sent stuff supposely june 11th or 12th....
    They told me middle of july...uggg!!!
    Im still waiting....I just want to schedule and get it over with.
  8. by   Dray11
    I graduated last year and was licensed in Ohio. It was painstakingly slow waiting around all summer. I didn't get my ATT until August after having completed the registration with OBN and Pearson Vue in April. I called OBN several times in July and got literally nowhere - they never answered. Until I was good and fed up and called in August and lo and behold, the lady who answered the phone said my information was in the pile she was working on that day. The individual I spoke with said that there were a lot of RN applicants and that since it was a renewal year for RN licenses in Ohio that slowed the process down.

    Anyhow, by August there was less availability for testing slots I looked at driving to Cleveland or Cincinnati (lived in Columbus at the time) but chose a date on a Saturday and waited about 2 weeks for the date. Saturday wasn't bad - Friday would be worse. That is in the sense of waiting around over the weekend for results. In Ohio (last summer) it seemed if you'd passed then your license would be issued the next business day.