OAS at Cincinnati?

  1. I was told Cincinnati is using OAS for electronic documentation - can anyone verify? Thank you!
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  3. by   nurseontheway
    I don't know what OAS is but I wanted to say hi! I am in Cincinnati too and am getting ready to start school in December to be an LPN.
  4. by   ladycool
    nurseontheway, What LPN school are you getting ready to start? Do they have a waiting list that you know off? and is it private or public school? any info would be appreciated!
  5. by   nurseontheway
    Hi. I am getting ready to go to Bohecker College. I am starting in December but I don't know how many spots are left. You have to pass the HESI exam before they give you conditional acceptance. You have to get a physical, CPR health card etc. etc. to get in.
  6. by   ladycool
    Nurseontheway, thank you so much for the reply!
  7. by   nurseontheway
    No problem. If you have any other questions let me know! Good luck in finding a school. I really like Bohecker and hope that I will be successful there.
  8. by   ladycool
    Nurseontheway, is me again, can you please tell me what the Hesi test consists off and Do they allow you to use a calculator or not?
  9. by   nurseontheway
    It is a four part test. There is Math, Grammar, Reading and Vocabulary. There is a study guide that you can purchase for $35. I bought it and it helped me a lot. If you decide to go to Bohecker there is a free study session on Friday from 10-12. The lady that helps you is awesome and will go over each section with you. There is an online calculator that you can use for Math and they give you scratch paper too. You have to get a 70% on each part to pass. The hardest part for me was Math but I passed with a 78%. Are you trying to go to Bohecker?
  10. by   ladycool
    I'm looking into Brown Mackie or Bohecker, but I don't know which one yet. How much does the Bohecker's program cost? I know is very expensive like 21K for Brown Mackie's.
  11. by   celticwoman3
    Hello Nurseontheway. I am hoping to get into the December LPN class at Bohecker (Cinci). I have completed all the paperwork and testing and now I just have my fingers crossed hoping I get an acceptance letter.

    Nurseontheway are you going to be in the day or night program? I will be going at night.

    Hello Ladycool, the cost of the Bohecker LPN program is $20,335.

    Good luck to both of you
  12. by   nurseontheway
    I almost have all of my paper work turned in. I am getting my physical done this Friday and have to get my background check. It will be such of a relief to get everything turned in. I am planning on going during the day. I wonder if you are the lady that I met in the CPR class last Wednesday?
  13. by   nurseontheway
    An ex co-worker of mine is going to Brown Mackie. I had looked into both schools for Medical Assisting but when I decided to go for nursing I went back to Bohecker. It is closer to the daycare that my daughter will be attending. My admissions rep is awesome and I am really happy with the school.
  14. by   celticwoman3
    I thought maybe it was you (from CPR) since we talked about this site and everything. I am just glad to finally have all my paperwork completed and turned in. It took me over a month to get it all done. Good luck