anyone know anything about it??

  1. have any of you heard anything about this program or gone through it to get some pre-requisites? it is only valid in nj, ny, oh, pa and va and only certain schools accept the credits.

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  3. by   AgentBeast
    Never even heard of it. A decent rule as far as education goes. If a majority of people haven't heard of a school, chances are it probably isn't any good. Not always the case but usually it holds true.
  4. by   AssociateDegree
    The program is regionally accredited and has a large number of partner schools. Plus, the course costs include all materials, making them relatively affordable, and the courses appear to be self-paced. However, you could take the courses, many of which are developmental, at a local community college for a comparable amount or even less, since this school does not provide federal financial aid. In addition, you would have to be prepared to transfer to one of their partner schools.

    Look at the course descriptions carefully. The Psych course, for example, is designed to prepare you to take the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exam, which costs $77 dollars to take, and would give you credit for an intro psych college course. This would be in addition to the cost of the psych. course alone, making it more expensive than taking an intro psych course at the community college.

    Just because a program is not well known does not mean that it isn't any good. I would encourage you to seek out as much information as possible before considering it (or any school).

    And, if you are considering Nursing ABC because you are worried about returning to school (i.e., you've been out of school a while, you didn't do well in high school, etc.), community colleges have all sorts of special programs to help you. Those stories are familiar ones to them.
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  5. by   Sheri_nichols28
    I know this post is old but I just took 3 classes from nursing abc to go to west penn school of nursing..they are great courses..I had to do mine kinda quick though. They give u a chapter to read then take a test, then it will unlock the next chapter..they sent my transcripts really quick..before u do classes from them MAKE SURE you can transfer them. Mine will transfer to west penn but not the local CC.