Nationally Accredited ADN- But CCNE and NLNAC accredited BSN

  1. I have a question, and its been bothering me, if someone can please help me out with this.
    If i get my adn from a school that is a for profit school, currently in candidacy for nlnac.. And it has articulation agreements with a school that i can go and get my bsn after, WHICH is both NLNAC and CCNE accredited. Would it be okay if i were to apply for my msn after? Question is, would my adn matter if my bsn is accredited?

    and to anyone who is a crna, or someone that can answer this question. If i wanted to apply to a crna program, are there any that just look at where u got ur bsn from, if its accredited or not? would the adn really play a huge factor in all of this?

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  3. by   llg
    I think you will be fine with that combination. The fact that your BSN will have the higher accreditation will indicate that your level of education is at that higher level.
  4. by   AssociateDegree
    ADN schools are not eligible for CCNE accreditation, only BSN programs are. Every nursing school has to start somewhere with the accreditation process and NLNAC won't even allow schools to become candidates for their accreditation if they don't already meet certain standards. Not all schools that wish to have NLNAC evaluate them can even meet the criteria. Please visit the NLNAC website for more information.
  5. by   Aimmm
    Did you ever find out if the adn would matter? I also was wondering the same thing. If a school however is non for profit and is not nln accredited but has afiliation with a bsn program that is ccne accredited could I still apply for msn at a crna program in my state (ny)? Help
  6. by   ejacobs08
    i am also trying to figure this out. should i begin an RN program that is a candidate for accredation, but not yet so?
  7. by   Aimmm
    Does the school have affiliation with other schools that offer bsn and msn?
  8. by   AssociateDegree
    It is fine to begin a program that is a candidate for accreditation, but has not yet achieved it. There is a long lag in time between a school's acceptance as a candidate and the actual site visit. Go to the NLNAC website and check out the school's status/site visit date.