LPN programs-PSI or TSPN???

  1. I live in Michigan but am looking into Professional Skills Institute and Toledo School of Practical Nursing. I am wondering what the reputation of these schools are and if they hold any type of waitlist or are competitive about admission??
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  3. by   saskenn
    I currently attend PSI and it is great!! Has a very high reputation, and is one of the only schools that many hospital will hire LPNs from. I will be done in december and it's great, very very hard but great! Teachers are really hands on and very approachable, their goal is to make best nurses possible. They take pride in their high reputation. TSPN reputation not so good, look on ohio nursing state board website, they are getting ready to lose accredidation. I aslo live in Michigan, the travel is ok, if you get into a carpool its even better, that should be no problem over half of the students here are Michigan. Good luck!!
  4. by   Sirena922
    Congradulations Saskenn, its been about a year since we spoke. So you got into PSI huh. Give me some insight on the testing and what it took for you to get in when you get a chance. Im suppose to go today for their information session again @ 5:30, I think I'll make the trip to see whats what!
  5. by   Sirena922
    OK, went to PSI yesterday, I need to know if the ATI test is hard? I need some insight please.
  6. by   kmkare71
    I start PSI in the fall of 2013. in the evening classes.. I"m very excited!!

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