Loan repayment/forgiveness

  1. Has anyone ever really gotten help with this?
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  3. by   ICU4U
    Has anyone ever really reviewed help with loan forgiveness
  4. by   KelRN215
    If you have a Perkins loan, it can be canceled after 5 years of working full-time as a nurse. I have no personal experience with anything beyond that. Federal nursing loans can be canceled if you work in a certified "health professional shortage area."
  5. by   mudd68
    I am currently in this program and working toward "possible" forgiveness (there's question if the federal program will remain in place). From what I understand your loans have to be serviced federally and your HR person is the one to complete your verification form yearly that you are employed by an appropriate organization. It is based on income so for me personally, most of my loan will be paid before I qualify for forgiveness and each year my loan payment goes UP! So not sure if there will actually be a loan to forgive when it's all said and done - but I figured it's worth a shot. Keep in mind, any payments made to a loan service company that isn't federal - won't count - so if you're within 10 years of payoff, may not be worth the hassle of switching. Federal servicing also requires consolidation. Anyhow, I applied through FedLoan Servicing and they have a pretty good outline of the program here... Special Programs - MyFedLoan