KSU's Spring 2011 Class HELP!!

  1. I was just accepted into the Spring 2011 Accelerated Nursing program at Kent State. I was also offered a seat in another program. Does anyone have advice about Kent States program? Anyone else accepted for the spring class? I have to make a decision very soon on what program to attend.... Any information or advice would be most appreciated! Thank you!
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  4. by   jmlowe85
    I'm in the Kent program. Started in may. I would choose what works for you. The experience has been good here at Kent. Had some bad experiences and some positive ones also. Im sure you'll find that in any program. If you have taken all of the course work you could take in advance your course load will not be to bad. So that's something to think about. Shoot out any specific questions
  5. by   dani324
    hi i am also thinking about going to the kent accelerated program, and would love advice on the program as well. this is my very first post and i'm not sure on how to message someone but jmlowe85 since your in the program could you describe what the program is like how fast pace is it,any advice on how up my chances on getting accepted, did you have previous experience. thanks
  6. by   jmlowe85
    Dani, I was accepted in the summer which are usually the most difficult since they consist of less time. Other than that the fall and spring semesters are scheduled identically to the way a traditional student is in class(we just tend to have a bigger course load). Most of the clinical courses are 8wks and the more traditional courses are typically the entire semester. If you take the courses you can earlier (genetics,human growth, pys, nutrition) it makes the program much easier. To get in you will pry have to have taken some of these courses anyways. I would say you need at least a 3.0 with all your prereqs completed and some of the additional courses. Most people do not get in on their first attempt. I worked in a pharmacy and volunteered at Akron general for a while to boost my chances. Some people have experience others do not. I know they've changed the application so someone that got in during the fall or spring may be able to help you more.