Kent state university hospital cohort

  1. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of this program or is anyone else going to be applying?
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  3. by   KFoss
    No one has any knowledge of this program?
  4. by   KFoss
    Sorry to bump this again but the application cycle is coming up and I wanted to see if anyone had knowledge of this program. I was at the UH main campus for work seeing a client and I ended up speaking with the nurse manager of the floor and since I had her there I asked if she had any knowledge of the students and she didn't either. Just a little concerned with no one knowing the program and would like to know more real life experience from people.
  5. by   jmlowe85
    I went to kent state and graduated in their accelerated program about a 1.5yrs ago. Don't know what the hospital cohort is, they used to hold informational meetings on their programs call the school of nursing to get more answers to your questions.
  6. by   KFoss
    Thanks for the response. I have called the school and all the information sessions are on the regular program. I really just wanted to speak with someone who had experience with that program. Basically it is a Friday night and Saturday and Sunday schedule with all classes at UH case. Did you like the accelerated program?
  7. by   forquela
    Hi there! I am currently in senior standing in the KSU UH cohort. I am it sure what specific questions you have but it is every weekend with some weekends off between class/semester switches. It is a very beneficial program if u work full time during the week or have a family. Typically there is lecture on Friday nights from 5-9pm. Clinicals are at UH on Saturdays from 7a-5p/7p depending on the rotation. Some courses do not have lectures on Friday nights and are online instead. The first few semesters when u have pharmacology and things like that there will be class on Sundays but Sunday classes end the further u go into the program. The weekend schedule changes often regarding class but clinicals will always be Saturdays. There are also strictly online courses that need to be completed such as informatics. Professional development etc. but u will be guided through the program about those when the time comes. I hope I helped answer some questions and let me know if u have any more! Good luck!
  8. by   nk2011
    Im working on my application for this cycle at University hospitals. I guess 20 people get accepted to the night and weekend and 20 to the weekday cycle this time around . I met with ******* to talk about the program and it seems to be a pretty good track since i already have my bachelors
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    I definitely suggest it! UH is a great learning hospital and I feel I definitely benefitted from having my clinical rotations there. It's also nice because UH is known for hiring within their system including students who participate in clinicals there! Our class is meeting with a UH recruiter this week :-)
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    I am interested in finding out more about this program too. Do they accept people each semester or is it on a yearly basis?
  11. by   KFoss
    Thank you so much for the update! That is exactly what I wanted to know. Do people usually work other jobs, 40 hours a week type jobs while in the program. I have a graduate degree so that is also why I was looking at this program as I am not looking forward to the asn then the bsn when I could go straight for the bsn. I do have to work full time while in any program as this will be all out of pocket since it is a second degree and the masters.
    Over all I take it you like the program?
  12. by   KFoss
    I can actually answer the question about admission. This program admits people every other year only in the fall. I think they do it this way because the accelerated bsn is every other year on the opposite year of the uh cohort. I think this allows alternative programs to start each fall without overwhelming the teachers for the alternative programs.
  13. by   javaRx
    I will be applying to the uh cohort starting this fall. Trying to get a feel for how my application will look compared to others. I have. 3.3 cumulative gpa, 4.0 in both sciences and prerequisites, A's in all the extra classes that you can take early ( I took all of them). I think I have a strong personal statement, but experience falls short with a few job shadows. :0/ what do all of your applications look like if you don't mind sharing?
  14. by   nk2011
    I work as a nuclear medicine tech and as an mri assistant. I will have all the pre reqs done and all the blue classes you can take early. I have a 3.3 cumulative.