Kent State University Accelerated Nursing Program

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    Im applying to Kent State University Accelerated Nursing Program for Fall of 2009. I would like to know if anyone graduated from or attending the program. I would like feedback on how the program is as a whole and are you able to work while in the program? Is the campus safe and in a safe neighborhood. Im from Michigan and I would like to know are there quite a few out of state students in the program.


    Look Forward to reading your responses
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  3. by   Sassy5d
    I'm an LPN going to go to Lakeland for my Associate Rn starting in the summer time (prree reqs) although I can't answer your question about the program... I'm not sure which Kent state you're going to be attending.. there are several off main campus areas that offer accelerated nursing programs. If you're talking about the one in Ashtabula.. I can tell you that the neighborhood is nice and safe.
  4. by   notthereyet0
    The Ashtabula campus does not offer a BSN program, only an ADN. The regional campuses now offer a BSN that is not technically an accelerated program but they have pushed the time frame to include going all summers so the program is one year shorter. A little longer than the main campus accelerated program but at 60 per cent of the cost... I think that main campus is basically safe, but street smarts are worth their weight in gold. Good luck to you.
  5. by   babynurse73
    I am thinking about enrolling in Kent State's RN to BSN on-line program. I like the accreditations, the curriculum, and the price is middle of the road. I've done a lot of research on these programs, and this one has a capstone at the end, and does not require a mentorship or letters of recommendation. I am also considering University of Saint Mary. It's a bit less expensive, but does require 2 mentorship courses and 2 letters of recommendation (which is really not a big deal, but if it can be avoided, that's better for me) Ultimately, I would love to go to Sacred Heart Univ. for a Masters/Nurse Practitioner.....If anyone has any thoughts on any of these schools, it would be greatly appreciated!!! OH, and my last consideration is Chamberlain on-line. I would love any feedback!!!:heartbeat
  6. by   >30yrsRN
    I am applied to Kent State Online RN to BSN today
    It is the middle of the road also you might want to check FIU in Florida
    or Saint Petersburg College in Pinellas Park FL it has a RN to BSN online program all are fully accredited