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Does anybody know anything about this program? I know it is a very new program. I don't even think they had their first class yet. But any information would be appreciated. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   PWoloszynek
    Who is this? LOL i was class with you, Sedmaiden! I must have seen you in the beginning of the quarter? Im still going to ITT- just finished the 1st semester! There are only 7 girls in the class now. They are hard but the want only the best of the best to graduate.
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  2. by   sedmaiden
    Tabitha, the one that had to quit class after about 2 weeks of attending. glad that there are still some left to complete the course! I signed up for next quarter and will be back next month. I can't wait, when I was there yesterday it was like home and I really didn't want to leave lol
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  3. by   sedmaiden
    After much research and debate, I have decided to post this. Please ask many many questions regarding accreditation! The school is not NLN accredited and apparently will not be attempting to get accredited later, making it more difficult to gain employment after graduation. The credits really do not transfer, so if you intend upon seeking a BSN you will have a difficult time finding a place that will accept the credits. If you need more information please feel free to PM me. I can not stress this enough, find out everything before you sign on and attend the first class!! You will be charged if you attend 1 class, so locate the information and make an informed decision prior to that first class. I normally would not post this, but do not attend ITT Tech. It is not worth it to spend so much money and not find employment after or be able to continue your education!
  4. by   Lee J A
    Yes this is true when you sign up for some of these nursing programs....Check the Ohio Board of Nursing website first and make sure your credits transfer. Everyone wants a quick fix but this is sooooo important. Do your research people and make an informed decision!!!
    Tri-C takes so long but I know my credits will transfer and the cost is minimal.
  5. by   sedmaiden
    What these schools do, is prey on those that want to hurry the process along. You will not get them to tell you these things themselves, you must prove to this particular school that you know your information before they will tell you that you are correct. If you want the information you must do the research first, check the board of nursing, check the NLN website, also check job postings for what requirements you will need to become employed with them. I did these things myself and brought this to the schools attention and was going to be ignored until after Monday when classes were due to start. Basically they were going to get me to sit in class for the day and then the dean was going to talk to me. Make an informed decision please. If you can take courses somewhere else I would say go, you are going to restrict yourself after graduation if you attend this school. The entire point of attending a nursing program is to gain employment afterwards, keep that in mind. One of the locations that the Strongsville campus is doing clinicals at, will not accept someone from a non-NLN accredited school, so please do the research!
  6. by   sedmaiden
    A quick update, just got off of the phone with the dean of the Strongsville campus and he did explain some things that I can clarify for all. The campus that went for NLN accreditation was in fact denied the intial accreditation, however this does not apply to other campuses. This is where it gets complicated, the only thing that they can state is that they currently do not hold NLN accreditation. According to the dean, they can not say whether they intend upon applying for this accreditation. He kept repeating that he could only say that right now they do not hold the accreditation, but he said if or when the Strongsville campus were to apply for NLN accreditation, that they would not follow the same process as the campus in Indiana that had been denied initial accreditation. I can only assume that they will at some point attempt to get the accreditation, but as of now they are not accredited by the NLN.

    I was able to point out some concerns that some people may have about finding employment after graduating, so I hope that the campus takes these things into consideration when choosing whether to seek NLN accreditation. I know that I personally would not want to be denied employment because of lack of accreditation. Since the school is not currently accredited and can not say whether they will apply or not, we need to look at the options. You can hope for them to apply and get accredited while you are attending, but there is no guarantee that this will happen. Yes 2 years is a long time to attend school and $53,000 is a lot of money to not have any clue what will happen.

    This is a very difficult situation, but I wanted to throw the information out there for people so that they can make an informed decision. If you are looking at the school of ITT Tech for nursing, you need to weigh your options.
  7. by   futurenursemia
    Hi, I'm planning on starting with ITT in sept 14. Did you graduate from there? Were you able to find employment without any concerns about where you graduated from? Was it worth it?
  8. by   sedmaiden
    I decided that I would not return to their program. Needless to say I was not satisfied with the limited options of job availability after graduating from a school that is not NLNA accredited. I looked into what hospitals wanted from the incoming employees and a lot of the hospitals that I would want to get into wouldn't accept a nurse that went to a school that was not NLNA accredited. I have since taken a leave to focus on family and going to start taking pre-req's at Tri-C. I found that even the hospital that was going to be one of the locations for clinicals (at the Strongsville campus) would not accept persons without NLNA accreditation for employment.... I was very discouraged to say the least! I would love to have completed my education there, but the credits do not transfer well and without the accreditation jobs are going to be difficult to find after. I also weighed my options as far as how much they charge and it wasn't worth it for me. I also know once you sit in class 1 day you will be charged $5,000. If you decide that the program isn't for you after the first day you will receive a bill and the books are useless after you get them. You can not even re-sell them to book buy back programs! I am not saying don't do it, but please consider all of your options and make an informed decision! If you have other questions you can message me!!