interested in becoming a CNA/STNA

  1. I already posted this in the CNA forum but I haven't really had much luck with any responses, so I also decided to post this here because maybe I'll get more answers.

    Right now I have my HS diploma and I'm nearing the end of my freshman year in college. I live in Ohio and I'm persuing my BSN (and later an MSN) but in the meantime I would really like to get a job as a CNA/STNA because I really think that it would help prepare me for nursing school, and I think I'm just overly excited about "getting out there" in the nursing field so being a CNA/STNA sounds like a good option. I was also thinking about an LPN but most colleges that offer LPN programs have waiting lists and I don't want to deal with that! Anyway, I have some questions concerning becoming a CNA/STNA...

    1. Does anybody know of any CNA/STNA training programs in the Cleveland *OR* Akron area?

    2. How much do these programs generally cost (or are they free?)

    3. What's the pay like?

    4. What kind of hours do you work? I don't want to work TOO much because even though I'm a "prenursing" student (that's already admitted to the college of nursing at my university lol) I'm still hoping to actually get a seat in the CON so I can start my clincals - and school comes first. I'm looking to only work maybe a few nights / week.

    5. What exactly is the difference between a CNA and an STNA? I know CNA stands for certified nurses' assistant and STNA stands for state trained nursing aid and apparently STNA is really only used in ohio, but is there a difference?

    I honestly can't wait.
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  3. by   ann945n
    My program cost around 400 dollars and was 6 weeks long 2 days a week 2 days in clinicals. I made 10.25 an hour as a CNA working in an alzheimers unit in assisted living and i loved that unit! I worked either 6am-2pm or 2pm-10pm then when i returned to school i worked on call which worked out great, not sure what a stna is sorry! hope this helps.
  4. by   nursenikki928
    Call around to nursing homes in your area. A lot of them offer the nurses aid training course and if they hire you to work for them they will pay for your training and the test. You just have to find a place that is offering the class. The facility I work at has the class twice a year and it is a 3 week course. The only difference between CNA and STNA is the state you live in. In Ohio they are called STNA's. I know at some nursing homes if you are enrolled in a nursing program you do not have to be an STNA to work as one. I'm not sure on the pay it differs by location and the type of employment (nursing home vs hospital). $10 per hour sounds right though. Many places will work on a schedule with you if you are in school, and some places will even pay some or all of your school tuition based on your grades. You may have to sign a contract with them stating that you will work for them for 1 year after you get your nursing license. There are many things to look into. Good Luck!
  5. by   sassy7cassy
    If you can't find free training then it's generally ~$400.
  6. by   southernatheart
    Pay for an aid generally sucks. LOL BUT you will get TONS of knowledge about patient care and youll be LIGHTYEARS ahead of the rest of your class. GO FOR IT