i got in again at the christ college of nursing 2yr in a row

  1. hi, i have a few troubles i need help with. this is my 2nd year in a row that i got into the christ college of nursing...they still have no financial aid and their program is very pricy over 20,000 and i rely on grants and loans to pay for my education. I am currently at raymond walters college and i am #44 on the waiting list my advisor said they often have students on more than 1 waiting list!!! and that is not guaranteed that i will start in the fall of 2011. i am not set to start for the fall of 2010 but if i go to christ i will start this upcoming fall. i also only need 3 more classes and i will be able to apply for the bsn at uc and i have been told my chances of getting in are great (3.57 GPA) but i will have to wait til spring of 2011 to apply. my ultimate goal is to be a public health nurse and earn my master's in nursing. i am looking for any advice. I been in school for almost 4 years now and still no degree. specifically looking for uc nursing students and christ college of nursing students. I have to work is not a option for me not to i dont have no one else to help me with the bills, i am all alone. how is the program at christ? how diverse is it? please help, thanks for ur feedback. have a nice day.
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  3. by   abcinci
    Hi! I actually was accepted too and got a little worried because of the financial aid. Have you gotten a chance to call the college? I actually spoke with someone today and learned that they have been approved for their financial aid number, they are just waiting to receive it. When I asked what the current students were doing to pay, he said that their tuition payments have been deferred until the number comes in. They hope to have it by mid-April. We have until the end of April to hold our spots so just keep your fingers crossed. It will come through. Congratulations!
  4. by   grechi2009
    yea thats what they told me last year and keep telling me again they dont know anything and that they deferred the payments but i will still need to find money for books, uniforms and supplies and that they offer a small amount of scholarships raging form 500-2000 a year and it only applies to tution....they have no garantee they will have the number by april but i am hoping they will bc i cant take out a loan for that much i am considering staying at uc and working towards the bsn christ's program is very expensive...well see
  5. by   abcinci
    I saw that they had told you the same thing last year, and it does have me a bit concerned. I don't want to pay the matriculation fee only to find out that I can't go. I'm already accepted to Good Sam as well and, even though it is more expensive, would rather just play it safe and go there because of the financial aid. I don't know, I guess we still have a few weeks to decide. Keep your fingers crossed!
  6. by   grechi2009
    yea well will see soon but thats good you also have been accepted at good sam if all fails i will stay at raymond walters and remain in their program until my clinical space is open in the mean time i will try to knock out my chemistries for the the bachelors in nursing i only have 2 left and will have everything done except nursing of course
  7. by   demi07
    Hello, I know I am replying late. I am a student in UC BSN program, (finally). I was also on Raymond Walters waitlist and I applied to Christ in 09 but did not get accepted. I'm so glad to hear you have so many options open. My advice is to go to the program that accepts you first. Its great to have your BSN but if you get into the ASN program first go for that and then just get your BSN in 9 months at UC, yes only 9 months. If you go this route you will have the opportunity to work while recieving your BSN. If I could do it all over again this is the route I probably would have taken. However, I went to the school that was the first to accept me and it just happened to be the UC's college of nursing. If you have any other questions please feel free asking.... GOOD LUCK WITH WHATEVER YOU DECIDE
  8. by   demi07
    ok So I cant send private messages, but my GPA was only around a 3.5 and I think that was quite low compared to everyone elses.. So it was very competitive to get in and quite scary because I didn't know I got in until like a month before school. I think the cutoff GPA for my class was around a 3.4. But dont shoot for that, try to have around a 3.6 because every year the GPA cutoff gets higher and higher, for instance, the cutoff just a few years ago was only around 3.0-3.2. The program isn't bad once you get in and I would recommend applying for fall of 2011, it wont hurt. I would recommend you take your 2 CHEMS at Raymond Walters, dont dare take them at main campus. Those classes were brutal for me. I would recommend Prof. Stringfiel at Raymond Walters for CHEM. Oh yeah the GPA cut off for Clermont is usually lower than at the main campus, so to be safe when you apply, just check boxes for Clermont and Raymond Walters b/c it will increase your chances of being accepted into one of the colleges.. Hope this makes sense..sry its so long....
  9. by   grechi2009
    hi thanks for replying, are you at UC main campus or Clermont? also what year were admitted into the program? around how many students are admitted per year? do they offer any scholarships? so far my pre nursing gpa is around 3.57 so I dont know if that is high enough....take care.
  10. by   demi07
    Hey, well I'm at main campus and your GPA sounds really good keep it up! I was admitted into the program for the 2009-2010 school year so I'm a sophmore in the program. 160 students were admitted total I believe. About 120 of us are at main campus and the other 40 are at Clermont. Many scholarships are offered and you can apply online.
  11. by   grechi2009
    hello, just wanted to know how hard is the program now that you are in it half way and if some people have dropped out also if you choose you clinical sites and if is feasible to work. I dont know if you remember but I plan on applying this spring for next fall. I have a pre nursing gpa of a 3.64 and I have A and P 3 to take and so far I have a 88% we just took our first exam. I am shooting for a 90% but if I get a B my gpa will drop to a 3.58. The people at the College of nursing said they admitted 176 total for this fall. 120 at main with the lowest gpa a 3.338 and at Clermont with a GPA of 3.2. I need to get into the main campus bc that is where I live. They said the gpa cut off has been around a 3.4 in the past 2 years and this year was the same so I am sure if it remains the same I will get in even if I get a B in my A and P 3 class. I am also supposed to start Raymond Walters ADN clinicals that fall so if I get into both I ll have to choose the cheapest and most flexible route. thanks.
  12. by   DIV-99
    Hello All
    How long is UC's BSN in Nursing program? When I looked at their curriculum, it looks so long - 4 years...Are they flexible enough to offer classes year-round? Just wanted to check before I actually make the trip there...I have send them an e-mail request for more info but have not heard back from them yet.

    Thank you
  13. by   teamojonj
    The program is 1 full time year of pre nursing pre reqs, then 3 full time years of nursing couse work. It is not year round, there are breaks between quarters. Classes have to be taken as outlined so there is no chance of accelerating your graduation.
  14. by   DIV-99
    Thanks. I ma already accepeted in Wright State's BSN program - it is year round and I should be out in 2 yrs and 1 semester.