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  1. Hi, I am considering attending this school. However, I am a bit concerned about safety issues in traveling there. It seems it's in a high crime area, and I'm looking to do the E/W program.

    Anyone have any insight into this? It seems like a great program, but I am worried about driving home from there alone at night. Am I worried for nothing or should I be worried?

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  4. by   ohiocleveland
    The area in general is not the best. However, you will do just fine, Huron is apart of the Cleveland Clinic so they have 24 hour security as well as East Cleveland police on site 24 hours. If at any time you feel unsafe just look down the hall in ask either a security guard of police officer to walk you to your car. I haven't heard of anyone that works there say anything bad about leaving or coming into work. You will do just fine!
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    Thank you! I did attend a group interview session, and when driving out I felt concerned by the area and wondered about it at night. But I also have not heard anything negative from people attending. Do you know anything more about the program itself? What it's like?

    Thanks so much!
  6. by   BittyBabyGrower
    We get students from there for obs and they seemed well prepared Honestly, any of the big hospitals are in bad areas, I've been in the "ghetto" for 23 years and have survived LOL
  7. by   ohiocleveland
    Huron has an excllent track record - the few people i know who have went through there program always talked about how good the instructors were and how pleased they were with the overall exp.
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    Thank you, ohiocleveland. This is a second career choice for me, so I feel a bit nervous. But I managed to pull through all the prereq's already so that was a big thing for me. I already have a degree so I would just do the nursing courses at this point. I hope that'll at least make it more manageable.
  9. by   ohiocleveland
    Yes it would since you already have a degree that will save you lots of time plus the prereq's! you off to a good start. Good luck
  10. by   babedollRN
    It may be in a bad neighborhood, but it is safe there, but then again its not safe no matter where you go. If you do attend the school, they do have security to walk you to your car. Also leave in groups or with one other school mate. Over all it is pretty safe there. They do have a reputation to uphold. If there was a problem the school would not be there.
  11. by   Mommaofallgirls
    Thank you! I appreciate your reply. I was thinking the same thing, leaving in a group. I'm hoping I get in for the Fall. I didn't do my group interview until rather late and so I don't know if there are any spots or not left in the evening class. We'll see. Thanks again!
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    I just got accepted to Huron on Friday for the e/w program. It was a stressful process, becuase I was told they only had a few opennigs left as of last week but they accepted me today!!!! Im WAAAAYYYY excited. The neighborhood is the least of my worries, as long as we leave out in groups. My cousin just graduated in May, and she swears by their program. I have also taken all the pre-req's and the support courses, so it will be strictly RN classes for me. Im just hoping that I wil be able to complete any necessary paperwork work and financial aid in 3 weeks before classes start??? Good luck through out the program... we'll need it!
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    Hi, BubblyRN2be,

    When did you do your group interview? I just recently did mine so I really don't know it it was too late for me to get a seat in the fall. It might have been... But I haven't heard anything yet, so, I dunno... Did they notify you by mail or what?

  14. by   vicki429
    I'm also starting Huron in a few weeks, but I'll be in the day program! Good luck!! I also still have to take micro, so I'm pretty nervous about the workload.