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I'm beginning classes in the LPN program at Hondros, and I don't know if I still would have chosen the school after reading some of the posts on this site. Does anyone have any positive feedback... Read More

  1. by   mitchsa
    Hello! Just wanted to thank everyone for getting back to me when I posted this back in June. I've been at Hondros for a month, and I really enjoy it. If anyone comes across this post that is considering Hondros and has a few questions for a new student, let me know! I only have good things to say.
  2. by   sadiesadie
    hi catrat
    Yep, we are expericing the same thing at hondros columbus. Various students have inquired about the "missing" pell grant money and the replies are pretty much same ole same ole...as soon as the monies arrive, the accounting dept processes immediately...and if they had it they would post it...people have asked for answers from financial aid person but no reply which is strange because shes very good at her job. seems almost like a covert operation taking place. when asked to contact the processors on the govnt end, we are told the accounting dept and the processors are in daily contact...ok..ifs thats the case, why no answers? hondros is a great school otherwise and the monies have always been distributed in a timely manner.
  3. by   amasher84
    Hello, I currently attend Hondros Cincy and am in my 4th term of the LPN program. Believe me you will have no trouble getting into the RN program. My class started with 63 in term 1 and now we only have about 30 originals. So dont fret. They are much better now than when I started. They are working out the kinks since they are a relatively new nursing school. It's a good school especially considering there is no wait to start. My sister in law also goes there and my husband is also trying to get in so I think its not too bad. It will get you where you need to be. Good luck!
  4. by   mitchsa
    Hi, quick question about the RN program. In the LPN program, you know how students take English 100, Psych 100 and Lifespan (Psych 133)? Once a student gets to the RN program, those classes are both listed again on the "example schedule" that we follow to sign up for classes each term. Is it just a continuation of what we have already learned? Just wondering b/c of term 1 in the RN program (A&P, Psych 100, and Eng 100...two classes we would have already taken coming in from Hondros' LPN program) Thanks!
  5. by   animal1993
    Hi Mitchsa!

    If you take these classes in the LPN program, you do not have to take them again in the RN program. (I believe there is a second English class that you have to take in the RN program.)

    My advice is to take English 100 before you get to your 4th term. I made the mistake of following the course schedule, and am having a really hard time keeping up with all the papers that I have to write, along with everything else I have had to do this term (including HESI).

    Hope that helped!
  6. by   mitchsa
    Hey animal, thanks for always responding! Thank you for the advice. For term 1 of RN, does that mean you just take A&P (BIO 250) since PSY 100 and ENG 100 (the other two classes for term 1) have already been taken? Seems to good to be true!
  7. by   animal1993
    Your welcome Mitchsa! You are correct; since you will have taken the online classes already, you will only have A&P for the first term. (I would recommend getting some of your RN online classes out of the way during the first term, because the rest of them will be CRAZY!!!)

    Have a good weekend!
  8. by   naomih714
    hey I am thinking about attending how is it?