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  1. Hi all --

    Looking for advice...I am slated to begin the nursing sequence in Spring. I have yet to finish microbiology and had planned to do so this Fall -- this is my only non-nursing course left. Since I already have a bachelors, I only have four semesters left of financial aid and I really cannot afford to pay out of pocket for classes at this time. Additionally, the more I am away from my son the more childcare money I have to shell take micro in the fall is going to cost me 1200 bucks in childcare...

    Here is my hideous would it be to wait to take micro either in my first semester of nursing or second semester as they have it listed? I am a straight A student and certainly had planned to get all co-reqs out of the way before the nursing core, but sometimes life throws curve balls as we know...

    If I take micro this fall, I get it out of the way...but I also need to take another class to get my hours up to 6 for financial aid...meaning more books more expense etc -- then my last semester of nursing is out of pocket. If I wait to take it with my nursing courses and I am leaning toward that second semester with 1600 will fall within my four semesters worth of aid, but I realize the course load will be heavier and harder.

    PLEASE PLEASE weigh in with your advice!

    Thanks a bunch in advance...classes begin at tri-c in just a few days and my fees are due the 25th
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    If you can at all swing it I would take Micro before starting in the nursing program. Micro can be brutal depending on which instructor you have. I don't know which micro you are signed up for but I believe they offer it in the 6 or 7 hour long class on the weekends if that helps any.
  4. by   rrmitch2000
    Thanks Scott --

    I reviewed the micro offerings and found a class at east that is hybrid -- half web/half in person so that will cut back on childcare costs since it is an evening class as well....thanks for the advice and I'll see you in November
  5. by   AgentBeast
    Yep, you, me, and apparently 70 other brave souls. The spring master schedule of classes is up. Although, I believe these nursing courses are offered at the same time every semester.

    Tri-C course search results
  6. by   ChipNurse
    I would take it beforehand.... micro is a tough class.
  7. by   nkt1
    Hi, I graduated this year from ADN program at Tri-C. I was using financial aid as well. Since I used a lot of credits for classes that weren't part of the program such as ESL, computers, and basic nutrition, I ran out of available financial aid. So, I went to our financial aid department, and asked for an extra help. I do not know regulations regarding students with bachelor degree, since I never had one. But for regular students, there is availability to get this extra help. I had to fill out some sort of petition, meet with counselor, and then to apply for financial aid. They gave me the amount of money just enough to finish my nursing program. Try to speak with financial aid, and good luck.