Graduates of Rets Tech/problems with credits transferring?

  1. Im a new LPN grad in Columbus and ready to enter an lpn-rn bridge program. One option is Boehecker which is affiliate of Rets Tech. Im not hearing great things about Rets so Im a little skeptical of Boe. Im hearing accreditation is a big issue. What happens if you graduate from a non-accred. school? Has anyone had issues going into an asn-bsn program and credits not Xfering from Rets? Any info will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   AntFlip7395
    There should not be a problem with transferring credits from RETS now because they recently became NLN accredited. Best advice is to call the school you intend to obtain your BSN from to be sure they will accept credits from any school you attend.
  4. by   NoWaNrN
    I talked to Indiana weslyn and they had no prob with rets
  5. by   SynRN
    I actually go to RETS and graduate this Aug. Most of the ppl in my class are planning on going to Indiana Weslyn. BTW RETS is nationally accredited now.