Get Lpn or Rn in NE Ohio

  1. I am set to start my lpn schooling in Fall '07. I want to work in a hospital. Ulimately in pediatrics or NICU. Are Cleveland/Akron hospitals hiring Lpns? or will I only find work in a nursing home?

    I already have a degree and dont have too many prereqs to finish to apply for RN school - even though the waiting list is outrageous. Should I go ahead and get my lpn or go for the RN?

    Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   jazz404
    I don't have any info on your question, but would also be interested in any input. I'm on the RN wait list at Lorain County Community College - I will have my pre-req's for that program done this summer.

    Where are you going for you LPN? What schools have you checked out for the RN programs? I already have a BA and I'm also considering the BSN program at Cleveland State.
  4. by   cmarsh333
    Hey all! I am an LPN and live in cleveland i work at kindred hospital of cleveland it's a very high acute place to work and the lpn's do everything. I am ACLS certified, i take telephone orders, work in ICU, take care of ETT, you name it we do it. oh by the way the PRN rate is 30/hr for LPN and 40/hr RN. Not bad huh? Good luck. I am in the RN program at LCCC it's a really good school.
  5. by   mentalhealthman
    Cuyahoga Career Center has a 9 month LPN course. That is the shortest one that I have seen. Looks like a good program. One good thing about being an LPN is that you can get some good experience before you become an RN. The pay is pretty good. Also as an LPN you bypass those long waiting lists for RN. They have Bridge programs (LCCC). Good Luck.

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