Felbry college in columbus

  1. I am considering the lpn program there. Was wondering if anyone has any information on the program there or has worked with those who have graduated from there. thanks
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  3. by   RNBearColumbus
    Hi there! Columbus LPN here...

    Felbry is a fairly new player in the Columbus area, and doesn't have much of a reputation. In fact, they are so new that they don't even have a rating on the BBB web site.

    I took a look at their web site and noticed that they charge a lot more per credit hour than Columbus State Community College. (153.00 for Felbry Vs. roughly 79.00 for CSCC). They also charge a few additional fees that you wouldn't have to pay at a traditional school.

    Most importantly, I saw NO mention of any kind of accreditation (NLNAC). That might mean that should you attempt to transfer to a LPN - RN bridge program in the future, all of your credits may not transfer and you could have to take classes like A&P over again.

    Before you sign up with them, take a look at CSCC. They also have an evening / weekend program that can be completed in about 28 months if you have you pre-reqs down. And the classes you take at CSCC will transfer to any college or university. The CSCC program is also very well respected in the Columbus area.

    Hope this helped.