Decreased Need for Nurses in Southern Ohio???

  1. I spoke with my cousin this past weekend and she is very discouraged regarding her present employment situation. She has experience in hospital, LTC, and HH nursing, she is only 36, and has no real health risks. She told me several places she talked with just do not have a need for nurses right now. I know new grads are being or have been hired, but I just find it difficult to think positions have dried up so completely. But, my coursin is not one to lie, so does anyone have any comments.
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  3. by   moonrose2u
    to my knowledge, nursing jobs have not dried up in sw ohio. however, if your cousin is a lpn, it is indeed difficult to find positions. there are several lpn schools in sw ohio/northern ky, and i believe there is a surplus of lpn's.

    the hospitals are advertising many, many rn jobs in sw ohio. there is not a surplus of rn's and a couple of facilities are actually using agency in order to staff their units.

    hope this helps!

  4. by   gitterbug
    Thanks for the reply. No she is an RN. I do not know if there is a specific need for a shift or some other reason she has found employment difficult to obtain. I plan to speak to her again this weekend. I do know that the facility in Galapolis has no vancanies. I would like for us to do a 12 hr/3 day thing in Columbus. We could share expenses and be company for one another. She is not a drinker, smoker, or on the prowl for a man, so we could do very well with one another. I may sound like a old fashioned granny but some things are not better hit or miss, IMHO. Have a great day.