Dayton area hospitals and LPN's

  1. Hi. I'm an August PN graduate, have passed my NCLEX and have my license. I am now starting on the few classes that I need to go into the nursing program at Sinclair but need to work as well. Does anyone work at or know of any hospitals in the Dayton area that will hire LPNs? I know Bethesda North was looking for nursing students but that would be a bit of a drive from Dayton to Cincinnati. I know a girl who is an LPN at Grandview but she's been there for many years.

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  3. by   jmgrn65
    None of the magnet hospitals will hire LPN's, so basically none of the hospitals in dayton. they are trying to phase out LPN's, Your best bet would be LTC or Acute rehab. Good Luck
  4. by   charebec65
    Thanks... It sounds like it's a good thing that I'm going on for my RN. I was kindof getting the idea that I wouldn't have much luck. I know Children's hires LPNs for home care. The problem is they want a year of experience. I'm a new grad LPN so obviously have no nursing experience aside from clinicals but I worked with children with multiple handicaps (many medically fragile) for 9 years. I wonder if that would count for something.

    Is there an acute rehab. center in Dayton or are you talking about one attached to a LTC in some way? I'd just rather avoid driving from Dayton to Cincinnati so much. I guess I could finish my RN somewhere other than Sinclair but I'm having to pay for this out of pocket so I have to go where I can afford.....
  5. by   jmgrn65
    Kinder Care (sp) and LifeCare are both acute care rehabs.
  6. by   casey12873
    I graduated from PN a little over a year ago. I really want out of LTC!! I love the old folks, but not enough action. Thanks for the post about the acute care rehabs. How about Dayton Rehab? I know they hire LPN's. It's hard to get on there, though, but it is a beautiful facility! I applied there last summer, but still haven't heard anything. I heard about someone who works there, makes great money, AND loves her job.