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  1. Hi, I'm starting an LPN program in a few weeks, I know this is many months down the road, but I was curious how long it takes to get your license once school is over. As I will be in that huge July graduation overflow. I'm prepared for the worst. but I'd really like to get the opinion of people who've been there. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   jessglow
    I graduated on May 9th, recieved my ATT (approval to test) from Pearson-Vue on May 20th and took my exam on June 22nd. I could have taken it earlier if I wanted, I think May 26th was the first date available in the Columbus area. I did apply to the BON in March and registered at Pearson-Vue for the exam in April, so everything was ready-to-go so to speak. Good luck.
  4. by   pca_85
    Thanks So they have numerous testing locations? I'm glad it doesn't take forver, I was recently quoted 5 months by a pn grad coworker who unfortunately failed her boards twice, so I had to investigate. Also, not to sound like an idiot, but does that mean you applied before school was over? Sorry to be a pest.
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  5. by   jessglow
    There are two locations in the Columbus area and if you go to you can look up the testing centers in your area. Yes, I did apply and register before school was over, but my status was "applicant" on the BON website until my school submitted my graduation date.

    My school hand delivers the notifications the Monday after graduations which I think helps. I heard it can really depend on how fast your school is. I don't mind the questions. I had sooo many myself, but my school really worked with the students which I'm grateful for.
  6. by   mrsraisinkain
    Hi! I'm in the Dayton area. My last day of school was March 27th. My school submitted my registration and it was received by the OBN April 20th. I started showing "pending" on their website June 4th. I received my ATT on June 25th. Now, I happened to get really lucky and fall into a cancellation appointment and was able to test on June 25th but most of my class had to wait about 3 more weeks to take their test. The OBN is very swamped right now. I think in addition to all the recent graduates, the problem is compounded by the fact that all the RNs are having to recert by the end of August.
  7. by   pca_85
    Sorry your school waited so long Guess they really are backed up.
  8. by   mrsraisinkain
    I tried to call the BON to check the status of my registration. All I could get was a voicemail. I left them a message on Tuesday, they called me back on the following Monday - after I had already gotten my ATT, taken my NCLEX, and gotten my license number. They are SWAMPED!