Board of Nursing takes FOREVER!

  1. Hey all!

    Just curious, I sent my paperwork in on March 23rd and checked the verification page religiously to see when they processed my application. They finally processed it last monday, however I still haven't recieved my ATT!

    Is this typical for the board? The delay between your name showing up on the verification page and actually recieving your ATT?

    I'm a little frustrated, simply because I'm anxious to get out there working! As soon as I graduated I started looking for a job, however everyone I've talked to has told me to call back when I'm liscensed. All the while, filling the positions I was interested in.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/thoughts!
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  3. by   mboulis
    From what I remember, it took about six weeks before I got everything back and was "in the system".
  4. by   schroedie
    from personal experience, i would try to contact them until you are able to confirm that they have ALL the info they need from you if you do not receive your ATT. the reason i say this is that my name was on the verification page for months, and all of my classmates got their ATTs and i didnt even weeks later. i was finally able to speak to someone only to find out that they "never received" my background checks and that i needed to "resend them." this is also known as they lost them because i was told when i contacted the agencies to have them sent again that they had verification that they were sent and received. all in all a very frustrating process because it took nearly a week and a half to get a person on the phone to tell me they didnt have everything - and the unfortunate part is that speaking to a person is the only way to find out if they have everything they need.

    good luck!
  5. by   Metropolis
    I don't remember exact timetables, however it took a very long time for me. I was applying for my ATT from out of state, so I ad to do the oldschool fingerprinting. The FBI set was deemed "of insufficient quality" and I had to resubmit them, further delaying my test date. I graduated this past December. Good news is I took the NCLEX April 20th and passed. I would imagine that if you don't hear anything before that kind of time frame, I would definitely think there was an issue somewhere.

    Just be reasonably patient and if you are in a hurry, I suggest paying for the quick results after the exam if that option is available to you. Apparently Ohio accepts those results since I received my license in the mail April 23. I was in no hurry since I'm trying to sell my house, but I was impatient for my results.

    Good luck to you.