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  1. I am wondering if anyone works at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio? I am thinking about interviewing there in the critical care units. I wondered what the working conditions are like, what the ratios are like on the floors (in cse I do not geti into critical care), are managers nice to the nurses,, etc....basically what the conditions are for the nurses? Also, are they a teaching hospital (as in, do they use residents) or do you just deal with the pts main doctors? If anyone works here at Aultman, or did work at Aultman, can you let me in on what the hospital is like? Thanks
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    I'm not sure if you still want info about Aultman since your post was a few months ago. I currently work in their CCU and feel it's my niche. Post again if you want more info.
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    How long have you worked at Aultman?

    Oh, and my mom worked as a critical care nurse at Aultman for a longggg time (like since before my time). She was far overworked and when she quit, three people were hired to replace her and cover her responsibilities. That was also in 1994 so hopefully lots has changed. Wow, I remember when my mom picked me up from school the day she quit. It feels like yesterday. I can't believe it was 12 years ago. eeek.
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    I was reading through some other posts on the Ohio forum and realized I used to work with your mom! She's Dixie, right? If so, we worked in CCU at Aultman in the late 70's and early 80's and my daughter was born a few months later than you...and....she's a CCU nurse, too! She graduated from Malone last May and works in CCU at Akron City! So, not only are you wanting to follow in your mom's footsteps, my daughter did, as well. But the difference is I stayed at home most of her childhood and didn't work as an RN again til after she was at Malone. In fact, your mom gave me a gift when Rachel was a baby, a book, that she signed from you!
    Isn't it a small world! Can't wait to hear from you!
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    Oh my gosh!!!!!! She certainly is Dixie!! I don't even know what to say -- just wow! It really is a small world. My mom told me never to become a nurse because of the way nurses are treated and often not appreciated -- whoops! I never did a good job of listening to my mom. That's really neat that your daughter is following your footsteps too. I can't wait to tell my mom about this next time I talk to her.

    I have one more quarter left on my international relations & diplomacy degree, then hopefully I'll be able to start the RN program at Columbus State in the fall '07. If not, then spring '08. I'm so excited!
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    haha I just got off the phone with my mom and she was so excited to hear about our internet paths crossing. I told her about the book and she said "Oh yeah! Goodnight, Moon!" She's heading out to my aunt and uncle's right now and said she can't wait to tell my Aunt Joy. (I'm assuming you worked with her, too from the way my mom said it.)
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    At Aulman, they have "dumbed down" their nurses. Ohio is one of the few states that have 2 year nursing programs and is actually preferred over the BSN I have. The hospitals want to save their precious $$$ for administration pockets, not lives.They also have trained nurses to push buttons, not look at their patient, and critical thinking is frowned upon. There is a gluttony of 2 year robotic trained nurses more than there are positions. They are eager to hire the new grads with no experience, or free thinking for the much lower pay, and complete obedience. To have passion to save lives, as I did at Aultman hospital was not considered politically correct. They promote managers who are under experienced, and are willing to sell their soul for the buck.

    They must have paid to get their MAGNET STATUS., They took away tuition reimbursement,there is not one perk as a nurse, just high paid parking, and discounts on cafeteria, and no uniform allowance. They have corrupt management techniques that make one wonder if your in a middle eastern country when you try to use your education to save another's life. People who have been there a long time get Stockholm Syndrome, bonding with their captors for survivors because there are not any jobs in Stark County.

    Judge Forchione exemplifies their dishonesty in his latestmotion....copy and paste this into google......

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    2011, the Court of Appeals denied Aultman's motion. In speaking about these rulings, Mercy's co-counsel Lee E. Plakas said “Judge Forchione's ...
    I am glad I left so I can work for a place with values. I feel sorry that the largest employer in Stark County has dooped their employees behind the many nurses and employers come out of the woodwork to tell me at the end of their valiant heroic career, they contrive and harass you leaving you forced to resign just because you now cost them more.

    This is not a place I want to be lying in my last hour.
    Sad thing is, it never use to be that way. My grandmother was a nurse in 1934 there when patients , families and employees really meant something.


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