any onoe go to raymond walters college for nursing technology

  1. I have been looking for some one who goes to raymond walters college part of UC, and is majoring in nursing technology and has already dealt with the waiting list? HOw long is the waiting list? what are the requirements to get a number? what happens after you get a number? how long after you start clinicals you have til you are done? Is it true that you can go right into the RN to BSN mobility program at UC right after graduation and passing boards?
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  3. by   PurifyMe
    I graduated form RWC this past June with an Associates Degree in Applied Science. I majored in Nursing Technology, but this is the degree you get. To answer your questions: From what I understand the wating list can be any where from 1-3 years long. I recieved number 156 in January 2006 and was told it would take me two years too get in, so I planned to start Sept 2008, but I started in Sept 2007. It is now GPA based, but it wasn't when I started in 2007. It was number based, meaning as long as your pre reqs were completed you were given a number and allowed into the program when your number was up. Now, from what I understand, your waiting list number is a direct reflection of your GPA compared to other students on the list, so if you are number 100, then 99 others have a higher GPA than you.

    You still get your number after all your pre reqs are completed, and once your number comes up, they send you a packet of info containing an admission letter and add'l requirements. Sometimes you get in sooner because people choose not to accept thier spot for whatever reason. You start clinicals in your first quarter (Fall) and the program takes 2 years and 1 summer session (4 quarters) to complete. Yes, al long as you have your BSN pre reqs done you can go straight to the RN-BSN bridge program after graduation. Hope this helps.

  4. by   grechi2009
    thanks purifyme for your response...tell me more about your experience at raymond walters, where did you do your clinicals, how were the instructors, did you get to wear any type of scrubs you wanted (wht did they look like), how do you register once you enter the clincal part of the program like do you get to pick the times and the place, and what teachers would you recommend also where are you working now
  5. by   PurifyMe
    No problem, glad to help... to answer your new questions: I did my clinicals at nursing homes the first quarter, in the beginning, you"ll split your time bwtween clinicals and labs. From there went to Mercy Mt. Airy, Mercy Anderson, Shriners Burn Hospital, Tri Health Parrish Nursing (home visits), adult day cares, and more nursing homes. All of my instructors were good, they split lecture time so even if you don't have an instructor for clinicals, she may still present lectures. You will grow to hate white, as your scrubs for clinical have to be white: white pants, white collared shirt and white shoes.
    Once you are in the program, the advisor for you class: 1st or 2nd year nursing, will place you in your classes. You are able to sign up for what days you want clinical/class, but no guarantees you will get it: I usually liked to have Friday off, so I would sign up for MWTH but it didn't always work out. You have no say in where you do clinicals.

    As for teachers, all of them are good, I didn't have them all as clinical instructors, but as I said, you will become familiar with them all. Now, I work in the PICU at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Good Luck!
  6. by   grechi2009
    how time consuming are the nursing courses, are you able to work during clinicals and did u do any clinicals at good sam, university or children's? what type of hours are the classes and clinicas?
  7. by   PurifyMe
    The courses are very time consuming. I did work, but I only worked every weekend 2 8 hour shifts. Some people worked full time, others part time, it's all about how you manage your time and schedule yourself. Some students had classes at B North, University and Childrens but I never did. We didn't go to Good Sam, but I did do clinicals at Christ. The times for classes and clinicals very. Most lecture time is either from 8-12 or 2-5 2 days a week, with clinical one day a week from 7-4:30. It really just depends on the availability of your instructor as the have other jobs.
  8. by   grechi2009
    around how many people would you say were in your classes? I am just wondering how many students do they let start clinicals. I was told I qualify for a waiting list number since last spring but they had not mailed to me and I am hoping I can start next fall. I have a 4.0 right now and my advisor cant tell me anything else as far as the start date.
  9. by   PurifyMe
    Each starting class has up to 110 students, along the way you loose students that fail, or drop for whatever reason and gain students who failed the year before that come back, either way the graduationg class ends up being about 50-65 ppl.
  10. by   grechi2009
    I got my letter a few weeks ago saying I am number 44 on the waiting list and that the class has already been filled up for the clinical portion for fall of 2010 and that I will not be able to start this fall so I guess this means that I will be waiting another 2 years until fall of 2011 I am very very sad about this I really thought and planned on getting in sooner.
  11. by   JTwildone05
    I also applied to Raymond Walters. I am SUPPOSED to be starting fall 2010. I got number 69 on the list. I had a friend who got in this year and she showed me her binder and I nearly had a small seizure. It was massive. My question to anyone who has gone thru is this, How much paperwork AND math would you say you used during clinicals???????

    Also, IDK if this is the case with everyone, but when I start I will ahve all my classes done except for strictly clinicals. Everything else will be done. Is that some kind of advantage for me??????
    Thanks guys
  12. by   grechi2009
    how long were you on the waiting list and when did you get your waiting list number? I am very confused on how the waiting list works....I am number 44 and I am just wondering if I will at least be admitted for the fall of 2011 how many students do they take a year for the clinical part?
  13. by   grechi2009
    hi purify me,
    when you got your waiting list number in jan of 06 did you get a letter saying that you cant start clinicals bc the class for fall of 07 was already filled up and they called you later to tell you you can start or did you just not hear from them after getting your number so you just assumed you were not going to start until sept of 08 and then they send you a letter saying you got in for fall of 07? I am just trying to see if I have a chance to get in bc I have been in school for four years and I am looking at applying to christ since there is no waiting list and I can start this fall and in the letter I got from rwc it said I wont start this fall so I wont be able to start til fall of 2011!! They only take students for the fall right?
  14. by   PurifyMe
    Wow, looks like I missed alot of questions. I'll do my best to answer them. : JTwildone05: EVERY quarter, your note book will look massive. You have to print out notes for each and every lecture, then take notes on those notes....really. I organized my binder by test topics, if it was on Test 1, it was in a section of my binder labled TEST 1 and so on. Be glad that you don't have any other classes to take except for clinicals, it should make for more study time and possibly time to work if need be. Several of us were in the same boat, so when class was over a 12:00, we could go have and rest for a while before work or studying. As for paperwork. there is a lot of it. It will overwhelm you in the beginninhg, but each quater youwill get better at it, you still hate it and home time consuming it is, but you will get better at it. Math questions are on every test. If you need help with math go see Frank in the science lab in SAHB, on the second floor, he'll help you.

    grechi2009: I didn't not get a letter telling me what year I would start. I olny got a letter telling me that I had a waiting list number. Since I was told it would be 2 years, I expected to wait that long. In April of 2007, I got a packet, tellimng ,me I was accepted in the Fall starting class. They only take students in the fall. If you choose to apply to Christ, know that they no longer offer tuition assistance and that this year some of their graduates had to fight for jobs because they were slim. RWC is cheaper, but I understand not wanting to wait, but honestly it will FLY by.