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  1. hi,
    i'm a fairly new nurse in the cleveland area looking for some good leads as far as agencies that are worth looking into for prn work. health coverage isn't an issue.
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  3. by   gitterbug
    The newspaper there seems to be full of advertisments for agency work. I would check on the sites of some of these agencies and get an idea of what they offer. Money seems to be good and if benefits are no problem, then it should add to the pay. Remember, many nurses sign up with more than one agency so they have more options of where they can go, highest money does not always mean the best thing as some facilities are just too short staffed to really want to work. I think I heard that Cleveland Clinic has a house pool that pays really well especially if you do not need benefits. The phone book will give you the names of the local agencies to call before making the trip. I know one lady who went up there and worked for White Glove, Wise, and Favorite Nurse for a summer. Don't know if one was better than the other, but she did really good money wise with them all. Good luck.