1yr LPN programs in Ohio?

  1. Hi all,

    Any of you know of 1yr LPN programs in Ohio?
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) has an LPN program that is 1 year in length. Most folks probably take a little longer to finish it though.


    Nursing Program, Nursing Classes: Cleveland, Ohio
  4. by   FiremedicMike
    Ohio Hi-Point in Bellefontaine is a 1 year program. Please allow me a second to warn you, as the husband of an LPN, what a huge mistake it is to go for LPN initial certification in Ohio at this time. It took my wife 1.5 years post-grad to find a full-time job (1.0 years post grad to find a part time job), applying to several places every week.

    Our initial thought was that it would be cheaper and faster to do LPN, then go back to RN later, but it is NOT cheaper and definitely NOT faster (I'd estimate our total loan value for her LPN program was around $15k). You are much better off to do a 2 year RN at any of the Ohio programs than to waste your time on the LPN program.

    My wife would agree, biggest mistake we ever made.
  5. by   MurseInOhio
    You really need to say where in Ohio you are. I'm about to graduate from Willoughby-Eastlake School of Practical Nursing. It's a little over 9 months long for the Fall to June program. They also have a Jan-December program that has the summer off.
    They have been around for a very long time and are respected in the community. The program currently costs between $10K and $11K. I would recommend it based on getting you ready for state boards. Employment is another matter. You need to check with area job sites and make sure they hire LPN's. Most of the hospitals here DO NOT, but all the nursing homes and Dr's offices DO. I saw plenty of want ads for LPN's when I made the decision to enroll.
    We started with about 24 students in the first semester class. One quit after 2 days (but then came back this semester). We lost two due to grades and one more due to chronic tardiness and absenteeism (she also came back this semester and is doing well). We are 3 weeks from graduation and haven't lost any from second semester, but we do have 4 students repeating their second semester because they didn't finish.
    So, the overwhelming majority do finish but you do have to keep up with the studies and avoid tardies/absences.
    Oh God, I hope I find a job!!! hehe, actually, I may have one lined up. Pray for me!
    BTW, I'm a male nurse (murse), there are 7 of us graduating.
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  6. by   Taxminia0311
    Tri-C just lost their nursing accreditation.
  7. by   nurse nik
    Can you please provide more information about the LPN program at Willoughby? Is admission difficult? What are the class sizes? What days/times does class meet?

    Also did you have difficulty finding employment once you graduated?

    Any additional information about the school would be great as I am considering registering for the January class...

    Thank you