Oh My God I Failed!!!


I flunked my Med/Surg final. Since my grades have been high up this point, I still passed the course, but I am so weak in pharmacology. Any suggestions on how to become more proficent??


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You have identified a need to spend extra study time, even outside of regular assignments, on pharmacology. Suggest you get a plan together to study pharmacology separately for x amt of time per day, in addition to anything else you do. Guaranteed, you will see blatant pharmacology ?s on the NCLEX. A good idea would be to collect as many test prep books as possible, and practice taking the pharm ?s over and over after you have restudied the chapters in your pharm text. I myself, took a pharm class at a comm college on my own (I was able to enroll without being a nrsg student there) b/c my school did not have a separate pharm course; pharm was said to be "integrated" into our program. Pharm was not covered enough in class as far as I was concerned, so I was proactive in taking the extra course on my own. It helped.


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well all i can say is you're lucky because at my school if you don't pass the final you don't pass no matter what your grade before the final was

as for pharmacoloy what helped me a lot was applying pharmacology to the clinical setting part of our paperwork is a medication sheet which ties a lot of the medication questions together so i recommend doing that if you already don't just list the name, dosage, frequency, rate, classification, why pt is receiving, major side effects/adverse reactions, nursing implications, pt teaching, and lab tests effected and used to evaluate

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